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Krista and Hesham with globe

AI and Ingenuity Help Environmental Scientist Solve the Case of the Missing Mangroves

hands at a laptop in the dark

Worried About Online Security? Cyber Smart Panthers Can Help Student-led project aimed at preventing computer hacking models the ambitious goals of the Grand Challenges Initiative.

Stephen Hinkle

At Thompson Policy Institute, Special Needs Become Distinct Possibilities Inclusive strategies help all kinds of learners, including those with autism.

Paleontologist Jack Horner, who helps Chapman students turn learning differences into creative strengths, joins in an Eye to Eye discussion with Rumi. a middle-school student, and University mentor Ellie Hood '21.

Similar Differences Chapman mentors guide middle-schoolers to “the success part” of managing diverse learning abilities.

Ron Jordan

The Prescription for Excellence Building on his entrepreneurial background, Dean Ron Jordan guides the School of Pharmacy toward industry leadership.

Musco Center for the Arts

Parity’s The Thing College of Performing Arts pays tribute to the female narrative, planning a season full of shows written and directed by women.

Scott Stedman '14

Scrubbing Into a New Journey of Fulfillment