Chapman Forward

A publication of research and creative activity at Chapman University | Volume 5


An Invitation to the Universe

In their new book, an artist and a theoretical physicist bridge the complexity of physics with the wonder of discovery in some of the weirdest corners of the cosmos.

Peace Leadership

Sowers of Peace

All over the globe, changemakers are embracing Whitney McIntyre Miller’s peace leadership model, feeding a global movement for systemic change.

Tech, Tech, Boom

Tropical Forests Are Within Critical Temperature Thresholds

Two Chapman University scientists are on the team of more than a dozen who gathered and confirmed crisis-level data.


Chapman Forward | Volume 5: Collaboration Fuels Inspiration

Collaborative inquiry can be the key to unlocking any mystery — find out how these collaborators are making a global impact.

By the Numbers

Since 2021, federal research expenditures have nearly doubled, and funds requested have gone up by nearly a factor of 10. That upward trajectory as an R2 institution of distinction continues.


Other Numbers of Note


Original paintings created to translate concepts from astrophysics in Lia Halloran and Kip Thorne’s book “The Warped Side of Our Universe.”


Smaller than the traditional bound when measuring the distance between two objects using new long-wavelength radiation technology


New FDA-approved drugs studied by pharmacy Professor Enrique Seoane- Vazquez, 47 of which were refused authorization or not recommended for reimbursement by international agencies. The cost was $115,281 per patient per year.


Associate Professor Crystal Murphy will spend in Uganda as a 2023-24 U.S. Fulbright Scholar. She will complete a documentary that tracks the decades-long movement for democracy in Sudan.


One-quadrillionth of a second pulse duration of new high-powered laser at Fowler School of Engineering.


Citations of hydrology and water resources expert Professor Tom Piechota’s published research.


Total amount of foundation grant and donor support for the research and technical assistance programs of Chapman’s Thompson Policy Institute on Disability, making education more inclusive.


Amount awarded by the National Institute on Aging to Hillard Kaplan, professor in the Economic Science Institute, to analyze the atypically small differences in brain atrophy with age and minimal Alzheimer-like findings in the Bolivian Tsimane and Moseten.

Martina Nieswandt

Breaking Boundaries

“[Research at Chapman] is driven by an abiding dedication to solving real-world problems and addressing critical needs locally and globally.”

Martina Nieswandt, Ph.D., vice president for research and graduate education

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