Category - In Memoriam

bill hall in tuxedo
In Memoriam: Professor Emeritus William D. Hall, Founding Dean of the College of Performing Arts
Dave Currey on football field
In Memoriam: Director of Athletics Dave Currey
Zee Allred
In Memoriam: Zee Allred
Bev Weatherill '50
In Memoriam: Beverly Weatherill ’50
Jane Sinclair art
In Memoriam: Professor Emerita Jane Sinclair
don booth
Memorial Service for Emeritus Professor Donald Booth Scheduled for May 7
Marybelle and S. Paul Musco
In Memoriam: S. Paul Musco’s Visionary Philanthropy Transformed the University
The Rinkers
In Memoriam: Trustee Harry Rinker a Catalyst for Tremendous Change at Chapman
Professor Frank Doti
Sweet Memories That Never Fade: A Remembrance of Professor Frank Doti
Barbara and Bill Parker
In Memoriam: Anne Beatts, Ben Crowell, Nancy Dickson-Lewis, Anthony Garcia, Don Guy, Carl Hill ’78, Barbara Parker ’64, Clas Wihlborg
david janes and wife
In Memoriam
In Memoriam: Dave Weatherill ’51 (M.A. ’66)

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