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Top Employers Recognized at 2023 Chapman State of the University

State of the University 2023

ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER: Chapman University unveils five-year plan, $500 million fundraising campaign

State of the University 2023

Struppa Looks Back at Past Successes, Illuminates ‘Our Path to Greatness’ in State of the University Address

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2022 State of the University: Looking Back and Moving Forward

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“Coming Out Stronger” Says Struppa in 2021 State of the University

President Struppa at State of the University.In his State of the University address Chapman President Daniele C. Struppa commends faculty who have recently received major research grants.

‘Proud to See This Growth,’ Chapman President Says in His State of the University Address

State of the University Address President Struppa highlights successes and foresees a bright future in which Chapman scholars achieve "Anything Imaginable."

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Anything Imaginable President Struppa announces a new initiative to share our stories and shape the Chapman Experience.

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Save the Date for State of the University, Friday, Feb. 23 President Struppa will share new five-year plan.