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School of Pharmacy Dean Rennolds Ostrom
VERY WELL HEALTH: Some Heart Attack Patients Might Not Need Beta-Blockers
SCIENCE DAILY: Geoengineering Test Quietly Launches Salt Crystals into Atmosphere A solar geoengineering experiment in San Francisco could lead to brighter clouds that reflect sunlight. The risks are numerous
TIMES HIGHER EDUCATION: How to create an inclusive campus for neurodivergent students
Jeff Goad
USA TODAY: COVID-19 is waning but these viruses are still hanging around as we head into early spring
John Hall
NEWSWEEK: Russians Face Lengthy Jail Terms for Voting at Noon
THE TELEGRAPH ONLINE: Varanasi’s iconic ghats face Ganga threat, scientists flag dangers of land subsidence Scientists at the Banaras Hindu University and Chapman University in the US, who combined data from satellites with groundwater and rainfall measurements, have calculated land subsidence rates ranging from 2mm per year to 8mm per year along the riverfront
Marion Knott Studios
LOS ANGELES TIMES: How ‘Barbie’s’ awards season hopes (mostly) fizzled at the Oscars
Chris Bader smiles in front of his bookshelf
BBC: Is public speaking really our biggest fear?
Portrait photo of Professor Luke Nichter
FORTUNE: Which U.S. presidents would have bought Bitcoin? These 3, says a presidential historian
Exterior of brick building with palm trees
HEALTHLINE: 1 Billion People Have Obesity Worldwide, What Researchers Say is the Cause
student Valeria Delgado
LOS ANGELES TIMES: What will Biden say on immigration? Border agent and ‘Dreamers’ expected at State of the Union
student Valeria Delgado
NBC: Chapman University DACA student invited to attend State of the Union Valeria Delgado is a fourth-year student at Chapman University studying to become a physician’s assistant in pediatrics.

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