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A Matter of Degrees: Tropical Forests Are Within Critical Temperature Thresholds Two Chapman University scientists are on the team of more than a dozen who gathered and confirmed crisis-level data.
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NASA Grant to Aid Study on Heat Islands as a Justice Issue
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International Space Station Project led by Chapman University Scientists Offers Insight on Global Plant Growth and Water Use Study of nine plants in 11 ecosystems around the world could help the globe brace for a warmer, drier future.
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NASA Scientist Eleanor Rieffel to give a talk on quantum computing
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GOOD READS: Wilkinson College faculty land articles in major media outlets
Arnold at work in NASA's control room at JPL.
Dodge College cinematographer finds drama in the stars — of NASA that is
Art students land their science-inspired art at NASA JPL Open House
Chapman scholars land spot at historic space shuttle launch
Space shuttle Challenger disaster revisted at symposium