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Rinker student center grand opening
Chapman Holds Grand Opening for Campus Center at Rinker The 52,000-square-foot building located in Irvine serves health sciences students.
Rinker mannequins
PA, Pharmacy Students Learn on Closest Thing to Real Person Rinker Health Science Campus employs mannequins that reflect age, gender and race as part of students’ training for health care careers.
Campus Center at Rinker opens
Chapman Opens Campus Center at Rinker The university celebrated the opening of its 52,000-square-foot building for health sciences students.
aphasia book club
Literary Therapy Crean College's Adult Learning Lab offers a book club for people with aphasia.
Chapman Gives Those Recovering From Stroke a Supportive Community Rinker Campus’ Adult Learning Lab hosts group for people with aphasia, a speech challenge caused by brain damage.
Chapman University's Rinker Health Science Campus
NBC LA: Renewable Energy Will Be Coming to Some Orange County Cities Soon, But What’s the Cost?
illustration of three superimposed heads donating confusion and memory problems
Post-COVID Healing for the Long Haul Professor Mary Kennedy is leading speech therapists’ efforts to help people suffering long-term effects of COVID-19.
Chapman’s Efforts for the Earth Spring Forth Projects and special events abound as Earth Day approaches.
Chapman University’s Physical Therapy Program receives 10-year Accreditation
sign outside of Rinker Health Science Campus
School of Pharmacy achieves next to final step in attaining full accreditation
sign outside of Rinker Health Science Campus
New Lab Safety Administrator hired for Rinker Health Science Campus
Jim Doti delivers inaugural 'State of the Rinker' address
President Jim Doti delivers inaugural ‘State of the Rinker’ address