Parker Finn '11, right, directs actor Sosie Bacon in the breakout hit film "Smile." (Photo: Paramount Pictures)

As His Debut Feature Surpasses $200 Million, Parker Finn (MFA ’11) Has Lots of Reasons to ‘Smile’

Even though he has enjoyed critical success, filmmaker Parker Finn (MFA ‘11) does his best to avoid the thrall of reviews. “It’s like wading into quicksand,” he says.  But in recent months, there is a...

Student Employee of the Year Awards

Chapman University is excited to reintroduce the Student Employee of the Year Award. The 2022–2023 Student Employee Awards are to recognize student employees for their commitment, dedication and hard work...

Help Us Help You!

For the University to be able to best help you in case of an emergency, we must have your most up-to-date and current contact information.  Please take a moment to review and update all your information...

Training Systems Transition – EverFi to Vector Solutions

Over the past few years, Chapman University has utilized EverFi as the training platform for state and federally mandated training for employees. In mid-2021, Vector Solutions acquired EverFi. While all...



ThrivePass is one of the many benefits offered by Chapman University.  The Employee Relations and Care Department within the Office of Human Resources would like to highlight ThrivePass. This benefit is...

Our Voices: Diversity Equity and Inclusion @Chapman

The fabric of the Chapman community is made up of diverse faces, identities, thoughts, experiences, perspectives, ideas and dreams. Each of us has a unique story to tell and experiences that we can all learn from to keep Chapman moving forward. The best way to create real change is to understand who we are today, and have honest conversations about what we want to see tomorrow.

Our Voices: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Chapman is an effort that helps share the experiences of the Chapman community and builds more transparency on the actions being taken to advance a culture of inclusion and equity at our campuses. As part of this initiative, and in the spirit of both the Chapman Diversity Project and the longstanding “I Am Chapman” campaign, we introduce new platforms to hear from our own community.

native american heritage month

Inspired by Chapman Mentors and Her Indigenous Heritage, Edna (Best) Yokum ’09 Helps Her Own Students Find Their Way

Yokum, a member of the Osage Nation, chooses to teach where she’s needed most, fulfilling a commitment and a calling as she pays forward the support she received from Chapman professors. Read more about her story.


border crossing with mexico sign

Crossing the Border, Building a Bridge

Research by Chapman Professor Nancy Rios-Contreras provides a vivid portrait of migrant life and adds depth to the experience of her students.

Strategic Progress Update

The university is taking concrete steps in its commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. These steps forward include:

group of university students sitting on steps

Chapman Enrolls Highest-Ever Rate of First Generation Students

More than 22% of Chapman’s newest cohort are first-generation students – the university’s highest-ever rate. The number is a significant increase over Chapman’s overall undergraduate population, of which 17.6% are first-gen. This increase reflects the university’s ongoing commitment to reach underrepresented students and provide increased opportunities for financial support.

More Updates

Hilbert Museum Acquires Painting by One of Disney’s First Latinx Artists

Cross Cultural Center Director: Araceli Martinez

New Director of Jewish Life: Amanda Siegel

New Director of Black Excellence and Achievement: Misty Levingston

Faculty Diversification Initiative

Two years ago, President Struppa created the Faculty Diversification Initiative, and appointed Dr. “LB” Brown to the role of Presidential Advisor on Faculty Diversification.

The purpose of the FDI was to cut through all of the excuses and create a laser focused recruitment and funding process to identify and employ outstanding minority faculty. The Board of Trustees approved the use of $1.5 million dollars for the purpose of fully funding or partially funding these diverse faculty. President Struppa started this initiative with the goal of hiring 2 to 3 new minority faculty, with a focus on Black faculty, per year. That goal has been reached. The Faculty Diversification Initiative has resulted in the hiring of six fully-funded faculty, three partially funded faculty, and one Post-Doc.

Our Voices Video Series

Our Voices Video Series

The Our Voices Video Series offers a space for members of our campus community to share their stories and their experiences. Each video will be honest and unscripted, giving participants the opportunity to talk candidly about their experiences at Chapman and in their lives

Christine Fugate, assistant professor in Dodge College of Film and Media Arts and an award-winning film producer and director, shares her inspiring story of living with an invisible disability and the supportive community she has connected with at Chapman.

Samantha Jimenez Garcia ’22  reflects on finding a community that finally made Chapman feel like home.

Global Education Advisor Daniel Garcia and graduate alumnus Juan Bustillo ’19 (’20 M.A.) discuss the study abroad experience among Latino students and their own journeys abroad.  

Graduate Assistant Program Coordinator Clarissa Cordova (’20, ’23 M.A.) and Assistant Program Coordinator Jacqueline Aparicio (’21, Ph.D.)  reflect on the first-gen identity and offer advice to incoming students.

Special Collections & Archives Librarian Annie Tang and Archives Technician John Carlo Encarnacion discuss a special and very personal highlight of their Chapman career – curating a library exhibit on the history of Filipino/a and Filipino/a-American students in California and at Chapman.

President of Chapman’s Latinx Staff & Faculty Forum Gabriela Castañeda, Ed.D., and Associate Professor at Dodge College of Film and Media Arts Sally Rubin discuss the importance of celebrating Women’s Herstory Month in a way that recognizes all women and the range of identities they hold.

Chapman Professors Keith Howard, Ph.D, and Desirée Crèvecoeur-MacPhail, Ph.D, who also serve as president and vice president of the new Black Staff and Faculty Forum, sit down to discuss the importance of Black History Month in light of the present political and social climate.

Associate Director of Student Community Support and Development Justin Riley and student Natalia Ventura engage in authentic dialogue on issues related to identity, race, the Chapman experience and more!

Our Voices

Our Voices offer a glimpse into the heartbeat of Chapman – our students, faculty and staff. Separately, these images depict personal experiences, but collectively, they will illustrate the larger story of the Chapman experience.

News and Stories

Actor, activist and author George Takei poses with students.

‘I Will Never Be Able to Forget’: George Takei Shares Internment Experience with Chapman

Edna (Best) Yokum '09

Inspired by Mentors and Indigenous Heritage, She Helps Students Find Their Way

Michelle Yeoh after Master Class

Chapman Holds to Lofty No. 4 Spot in The Wrap’s Annual Ranking of Top 50 Film Schools