Author - Stace Dumoski

Holly Warlick, Carol Jue and two Taiwanese basketball players

Empowering Women On and Off the Basketball Court As a State Department sports envoy to Taiwan, Chapman basketball coach Carol Jue shared a powerful message for women and girls.

It’s typhoon season in Taiwan. Thunder. Lightning. Sheets of water are coming down and the gym is starting to flood. But it takes more than a little rain and wind to stop true basketball fans, especially when there’s a...

Eileen Ki in white evening gown with Miss California crown, sash and scepter

An Unlikely Miss California 2019 Is Here to Make a Difference Eileen Kim ’17 is ready to take on a job that’s more than a crown and sash.

Eileen Kim knew her purpose in life from a young age. The 22-year-old Chapman University alumna, who graduated with a degree in business administration from the Argyros School of Business and Economics, has been talking...

Professor Ian Barnard in front of the Stonewall Inn

50 Years After the Stonewall Riots Chapman professors reflect on Stonewall’s place in the history of LGBTQIA+ activism.

This month, the worldwide LGBTQIA+ community will honor the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots as part of annual Pride celebrations. The historic New York City protest, which began June 28, 1969, and lasted for six...