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AI Hand Washing Coach
This ‘AI Hand Washing Coach’ May Help Prevent the Spread of Deadly Viruses Chapman students spent two years tackling some of the world’s most pressing issues as part of the Grand Challenges Initiative.
Bert Williams Mall
Chapman University Researchers Confirm Increased Housing Growth Near Wilderness Puts More Homes at Risk of Wildfires Contra Costa, Alameda and Riverside Counties Are Most At Risk.
A cluster of nodules on the roots of a plant
Study Finds Hidden Conflict in the Mutually Beneficial Relationship Between Legumes and Rhizobia
Chapman GCI students in Keck Center
To Better Understand the Brain, Try, Try Again The brain is our most complex and high-functioning organ, but that didn’t stop Chapman University students from finding out how to make it work better.
Chapman research fellow Dr. Silva and his colleagues
Bridging the Quantum Gap Cristhiano Silva is enhancing our understanding of the world.
Biological sciences student Alex Drives '21, left, talks with Carter Berry, Ph.D, about equipment Drivas helped design to advance Berry's plant research. Photo by Dennis Arp.
Climate Project Highlights Grand Challenges Initiative
Grand Challenges
A Student’s Look Inside Chapman’s Grand Challenges Makerspace Amy Lam '19 shares how a chemistry lab transformed into a makerspace.
hands at a laptop in the dark
Worried About Online Security? Cyber Smart Panthers Can Help Student-led project aimed at preventing computer hacking models the ambitious goals of the Grand Challenges Initiative.
Chapman University student Jin Jung
How This Marine Found His Passion for Cybersecurity Experience in the Military and at Chapman University showed Jin Jung his path.
Chapman's VP of Research Tom Piechota talks with GCI student
Science Students Begin Building Their First Professional Network Grand Challenges Initiative hosts inaugural networking event.
‘Henrietta Lacks’ author has a message for science students — communicate

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