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Natalia Ventura '21 poses with her artwork

Chapman Student Unites Art With Activism to Empower a Social Justice Community Working in the Cross-Cultural Center and Chapman Diversity Project, peace studies major Natalia Ventura '21 finds "my voice, my community and the purpose of my college career."

I was born and raised in the border city of Chula Vista, where every other person and restaurant is Mexican, and every other word switches from Spanish to English. I came to Chapman University to pursue a degree in...

Jimmie C. Gardner at Chapman Universtiy

Criminal Rights Advocate Starts a New Chapter at Chapman With a full scholarship, Jimmie C. Gardner works toward a bachelor’s degree. He shared his legal odyssey in Chapman’s ‘Engaging the World’ series exploring social justice and systemic racism.

September is always special to Jimmie C. Gardner. In 2016, that was the month when charges leading to his wrongful conviction and a legal nightmare lasting nearly 30 years were finally dismissed. This year the...