Tag - Think Chapman First

group shot of chapman top employers in musco center
Top Employers of 2024 Count on Chapman for Hiring Future Leaders
group of people on stage holding signs with company logos
Top Employers Recognized at 2023 Chapman State of the University
industry partners on stage with president struppa center
Chapman University Recognizes Top Employers
Anheim Ducks and Calgary Flames players on the ice
Panthers and Ducks: A Match Made in Anaheim Chapman students and alumni find career success with the Anaheim Ducks, a long-time partner of the Think Chapman First program.
Industry Partners Council Connects Chapman University to Leading Employers
Now D.C. is Their Laboratory Environmental research leads alumnae to roles with a grassroots organization advocating for prudent climate policy.
group of people on baseball field
A Growing Number of Panthers Are Finding Success with the Angels

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