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illustration of three superimposed heads donating confusion and memory problems

Post-COVID Healing for the Long Haul Professor Mary Kennedy is leading speech therapists’ efforts to help people suffering long-term effects of COVID-19.

Medical personel gives a COVID-19 vaccination to an anonymous woman in an outdoor booth.

School of Pharmacy’s Pop-Up Vaccination Sites Help Communities Overcome Hesitancy In partnership with the City of Anaheim and Galaxy Pharmacy, Dr. Karl Hess of the Chapman School of Pharmacy works to improve access to COVID-19 vaccine.

Attallah College, Chapman University

Let’s Build It: Chapman U Math at Play Video Series Offers Free Activities for PK-8 Stay at Home Learners

Woman standing in outdoor hall

When Stay-at-Home is Far From Home Three international students find comfort and safety in campus housing.

TPI, Thompson Policy Institute

Thompson Policy Institute Develops Active Education Webinars to Support California Teacher Candidates

A rainbow between two buildings

Helping Hands Ease the Way for Chapman Students as University Goes Online The campus community pulled together when life changed overnight.

Physician assistant and Chapman professor Gabriela Belinsky during a fitting for the personal protective equipment she now uses when evaluating patients with potential COVID-19 symptoms at the medical clinic where she is helping out.

Chapman Physician Assistant Faculty Members Step In to Help During COVID-19 Crisis Innovative instruction strategies also keep the next generation of PAs on track.

Wilkinson, Economic Science Institute (ESI)

Research: The Remedy for Today’s Ills A unique Chapman interdisciplinary, international study provides significant insight into the COVID-19 pandemic.

justin riley

Chapman Alumnus Returns to Help Students Near and Far Justin Riley '11 began his new job before coronavirus. Now it's more timely than ever.

Students use VR to explore online conferencing sites.

Dodge College VR Class Reinvents Itself to Research Book on Virtual Collaboration Instructor and students pivot to make the most of online learning opportunity.