Anything Imaginable banner overlooking Chapman campus

Anything Imaginable President Struppa announces a new initiative to share our stories and shape the Chapman Experience.

From its beginnings on the day of President Abraham Lincoln’s inauguration to the latest achievements of its award-winning alumni, faculty and students, Chapman University has made history. Now its almost storybook-perfect campus is home to world-class programs in the sciences, arts and humanities.

Anything Imaginable

Today we begin telling those stories with renewed commitment as we launch a fresh University-wide brand identity united around the idea that “Anything Imaginable” can happen at Chapman. This effort will strengthen Chapman’s rising reputation as it shifts into its identity as a midsized university.

The Chapman Experience

As important as the message, though, is the inspiration behind it – the promise to deliver the Chapman Experience, a place and a culture that prepare students to pursue big ideas, create meaningful lives and realize their greatest potential.

“When we tell our story with consistency and excitement, it reinforces what we call the Chapman Experience. In this economy, students and families have many educational choices. There are more than 4,000 colleges and universities in the U.S. alone. This bold effort helps us show the world what makes Chapman special,” said Chapman President Daniele Struppa.

A considered and thoughtful process shaped this visionary work, which included surveys of faculty, staff, administration, parents, alumni and undergraduate and graduate students. The discovery process revealed a tremendous excitement about Chapman’s future.

The Chapman Experience doesn’t change the essence of what makes this University great. Rather, it reflects the energy and confidence of today’s Chapman community with new stories of its own.  It only enhances how we harness our efforts and tell the world what we’ve long known. This is a university where anything truly is imaginable.

A Toolkit

We encourage you to learn more about the specifics of the brand strategy by visiting the online tool kits available at the Knowledge Base managed by Chapman University’s Office of Strategic Marketing and Communications.

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