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NPR: TikTok is known for short videos but other types are going viral too
Matt Prince TikTok
ENTREPRENEUR: McDonald’s Grimace Is on the Loose Again, ‘Grimace Shake’ Taking Over TikTok
Matt Prince TikTok
FORBES: The McDonald’s Grimace Shake’s Viral (And Gruesome) TikTok Trend, Explained
Matt Prince
USA TODAY: In the TikTok era, people aren’t just getting angry. They’re getting even.
Students walking on campus.
NEW YORK TIMES: They’re Over Being Real BeReal was pitched as Gen Z’s safe haven from the artifice of social media. For some, authenticity only proved interesting for so long.
Memorial Hall
4STATE NEWS: The rise of social media app BeReal – Will it reign supreme over TikTok in the next few years?
Thread Vision
A Vision for Influencers’ Threads Chapman alumna Kirsten Murphy ’10 launches a company that creates personalized merchandise for social media stars and athletes.
Love to txt? Or pine for text? Join the conversation with TEDxChapmanU
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'Future of Media' guest speaker series open to campus community

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