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Rabia Asif alumna

‘Infinite Paths to Peace’ Rabia Asif ’22 earns Shinnyo-en Fellowship

Exterior of brick building with palm trees

MEDIUM: What Is The Difference between Polyamorous Swinger and Open Relationships?

Speech Professor Mary Kennedy

Chapman University’s Irvine Clinic Provides Post-COVID Care for the Long Haul Professor Leads Speech Therapists’ Efforts to Help People Suffering from Long-Term COVID-19

illustration of three superimposed heads donating confusion and memory problems

Post-COVID Healing for the Long Haul Professor Mary Kennedy is leading speech therapists’ efforts to help people suffering long-term effects of COVID-19.


INSIDER: A Black woman diagnosed with breast cancer warns of toxic chemicals in beauty products

Mental Health Fair

Chapman Elevates Mental Health at Rinker Campus Fair May 19 Crean College, School of Pharmacy will offer resources to students, faculty and staff during Mental Health Awareness Month.

Woman in labcoat smiling

Crean College Dean Addresses Health Care After COVID-19 Janeen Hill discusses research and education as key players in how health care will shift.

infographic from covid-19 and mental health survey

A Mental Health Study Highlights Wide-Ranging Effects of COVID-19 The pandemic has 61% in U.S. feeling high levels of stress, national mental health research project finds.