Author - Ryan Hines

Ryan is the public relations coordinator at Chapman University. He's passionate about finding and sharing the most compelling #ChapmanStories.
This Galapagos lava lizard has a dew goatee after waking up from a cold night.

Out of The Blue

Jonathan Amato '15 amassed many memorable images during an Interterm study trip to the Galapagos led by Professor Fred Caporoso, Ph.D. One was selected from among more than 1,200 submissions for placement on the back...

dogs underwater

‘Off The Page’: Paddling Puppies

Photographer Seth Casteel '03 returned to campus during the Chapman Family Homecoming Celebration in October to inaugurate “Off the Page,” a new series of talks by people featured in Chapman Magazine.

picture of a building

A Crisis in Housing

Today, more than any time, arguably, since the Great Depression, the prospects for improved housing outcomes are dimming for both the American middle and working classes. We need to develop a sense of urgency about the...