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Sustainability 101: How to Make Your Home Office More Sustainable

For many of us, our homes continue to function as both living and working spaces. That means they’re likely using much more energy than before COVID-19 struck. If you are one of the Chapman employees working from home, here are some sustainable tips to keep in mind.

Practice energy-saving habits

Whether it’s setting your computer to power-saving mode or unplugging that printer you haven’t used in months, adopting simple energy-saving habits can make a big difference. Instead of turning on lights, find a spot with natural lighting or try working outside, if possible. Leaving your air conditioner on the entire day may be tempting in the midst of this heatwave, but try to use it sparingly. Crack open your windows, and stay hydrated!

Use what you have

Have you been wanting to spruce up your office with new furniture and accessories? Before you reach for your wallet, consider repurposing what you have at home already. Assemble a make-shift standing desk by stacking books or boxes. Upcycle old furniture with a new paint job. If you’re not into DIY projects, that’s okay. The next most sustainable option is buying second-hand— just make sure the items you purchase are properly disinfected before use.

Add some greenery 

Houseplants are a great way both to decorate your home-office and also increase indoor air quality. Choose plants that are effective at removing toxins from the air and, of course, ones that you like. Purchase from your local plant store, or propagate from existing plants.  

Choose fair-trade coffee

Is your morning pick-me-up fair-trade certified? Fair-trade ensures farmers receive a fair price and their communities and the environment are supported as well. Encourage local coffee shops to buy fair-trade coffee beans, and look into Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC)-owned coffee shops in your area!

Michelle Anguka