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Top 5 Things You Should Know About Commencement Rescheduling

1) New Dates to be Determined

We are targeting a date in late summer but will have to monitor the progress of the coronavirus before a final decision is made.

2) Regalia Deadline Extended

If you plan to participate in the rescheduled Commencement activities, you will need to purchase regalia. The deadline for ordering will be extended to five weeks before the new Commencement dates. If you are unsure if you will be able to attend the rescheduled events, please refrain from purchasing regalia until you know for certain as the vendor is not accepting returns.

3) RSVPs for your Degree Ceremony and the University Commencement Ceremony

Since Commencement will be rescheduled, we will be closing the current RSVP sites and deleting the current RSVPs for both the degree ceremonies and the University Commencement Ceremony. The site will re-open once a date has been announced and graduates will have to re-RSVP for the new ceremony date. Please look out for all emails from the Commencement Office.

4) What events will remain a part of the rescheduled Commencement Weekend?

At this time, we are unsure what events will remain during Commencement Weekend. Many of the logistics will be planned once we know how many graduates will attend. Our goal is to provide the full Commencement experience our graduates have earned. We will continue to update the Commencement website as we finalize details.

5) Where can I find the most updated information about Commencement?

You can visit the Commencement Website or email


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