Stay On Track With These Helpful Remote Working Tips

Even without the hassle of a commute or hurried morning, it can be a challenge to work from home. Help yourself perform to your fullest potential with these tips. 

Get Dressed
Physically invest in your day. Also, be prepared at any moment for an impromptu video meeting.

Set A Schedule
Be ready to coordinate with the team at the most common work hours. Set boundaries for yourself so you can still deliver quality and not get bogged down by the distractions or comforts of home.

Participate in Office Instant Messaging

If your office uses slack or other instant messaging platforms, stay engaged and connected to your colleagues. Share positive messages, fun statuses and more.

Stretch and Move Around

It can be difficult to remind yourself to move around when you’re at home, but taking short stretch breaks or walks will boost your productivity and keep you sane, too. Consider doing short workouts on Youtube to help you stay focused. 

Keep to Your Regular Break Schedule

Take a lunch break and stay hydrated. Don’t drink 40 cups of coffee (unless that’s what you usually do)

Technology Tip: Apple Sidecar

Sidecar works with Apple computers on MacOS Catalina and iPads running ios13 or higher and turns your iPad into a second monitor. See the guide linked above.

Stephanie House