Students shake the hands of potential employers at the career fair.

The Chapman Career Fair Opens Doors to Internships and Professional Success Don't miss the largest recruiting event of the spring.

The afternoon event is an excellent opportunity for students to meet recruiters from top companies like ListReports, as well as Target, CBS News, and the Walt Disney Company, to name just a few.

When Ashley Musick ’19 attended the Chapman University Career Fair in the Fall of 2018, she never imagined that her love for Harry Potter would help launch her career. Musick had no internship experience and knew very little about real estate then. But one thing she did know: the ListReports team loves Harry Potter. Her curiosity was piqued. It wasn’t long after she had walked over to the ListReports booth and made small talk with an intern that Musick had landed her very own internship.

Fast forward a couple of years, and Musick, now a full-time communications specialist at ListReports, has come full circle. She’ll be representing ListReports when she returns to Chapman as a recruiter for the Spring Career Fair on Tuesday, March 3, from 1:30- 4:30 p.m at the Sandhu Conference Center Room D East. The afternoon event is an excellent opportunity for students to meet recruiters from top companies like ListReports, as well as Target, CBS News, and the Walt Disney Company, to name just a few.

Fully aware of what it’s like to be on the other side of the recruiting table, Musick shares why she thinks all students and alumni should attend the Career Fair and what she believes sets Panthers apart.

Face-to-Face Benefits 

There’s something about face-to-face interactions with employers that lays the groundwork for great potential. In Musick’s case, bonding over Harry Potter could have only happened in person.

“Attending the Chapman Career Fair was actually what started my career! I had no previous internship experience, so I prepared by researching every company that was attending,” Musick says.  “One company in particular caught my eye with a blog post about how much their team loves Harry Potter, which resonated with my love of storytelling as a creative writer. Though it was a small detail, it made me interested enough to stop by the ListReports booth even though I knew nothing about real estate or technology.” 

Musick might have walked into the Career Fair with little experience, but she walked out with a foot in the door. An internship opportunity with ListReports eventually led to full-time employment as a communications specialist after graduation. 

She credits the Career Fair with facilitating the job search process. “I love working for ListReports, and even though their offices are located literally two blocks away from Chapman, I likely wouldn’t have found them had I not introduced myself at the Chapman Career Fair,” she says. 

Why Employers Think Chapman First

As a proud Panther, it’s no surprise that Musick is committed to “Think Chapman First,” but her colleagues, too, share the same penchant for Panthers.

Musick points out that Chapman students consistently bring to the table professional experience and a desire to apply that experience. “ListReports loves Chapman students! We agree that the individuals who come to us from Chapman are highly intelligent, articulate, have exceptional job skills and make impactful contributions,” says Musick. “The caliber of Chapman students continues to impress our organization, and we look forward to welcoming many more to our team.”

Another former alumni recruiter, Massimo A. Lesti, ’18, a sales representative at Gallo Wine Co., notes that Panthers differentiate themselves through their adaptability, leadership, and willingness to learn. “Chapman candidates are the first ones to take on extra leadership responsibilities,” Lesti says. “Seeing these attributes in new hires from Chapman has led Gallo Winery to “Think Chapman First” when recruiting for our sales development and internship programs.” 

Be Ready for Anything

Almost two years after she first journeyed into the Career Fair, Musick now works directly with the Senior VP of Communications at ListReports and credits both her curiosity and the Career Fair with propelling her career forward. Indeed, what started as a curious interest in a company’s love for Harry Potter turned out to be a career-making move. It’s a course of events that would have been difficult to set in motion outside of the Career Fair. 

“Sometimes doors will open simply because you talked to the right person or had a good attitude,” says Musick. “You never know where you’ll end up or what opportunities will present themselves in that moment!”

The Spring Career Fair  is Tuesday, March 3, from 1:30–4:30 p.m. Prepare beforehand by reading 10 Tips for Getting the Most Out of the Career Fair. Employers from tech, healthcare and education industries, among others, will be on site. A complete list of registered employers can be found on Handshake.

Michelle Anguka

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