Professors Heim, Carty awarded Wang-Fradkin Professorships


Chancellor Daniele Struppa awarded dozens of special certificates at The Fifteenth Annual Chapman University Faculty Honors Convocation Friday in Bush Conference Center, including the elite Wang-Fradkin Professorships, which honor one senior and one junior faculty member.

Sean Heim, Ph.D., associate professor of music, received the senior professorship. The assistant professorship went to Victoria Carty, Ph.D., assistant professor of sociology.


Granted in memory of Hua-Cheng Wang, Professor of Political Science, diplomat, and expert on international law; and Cheng-Mei Fradkin, distinguished teacher, scholar, and administrator, the professorships are two-year monetary awards to further teaching and scholarship.

Valerie Scudder Awards went to Jennifer L. Funk, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences, Peter Jipsen, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Mathematics, Judy K. Montgomery, Ph.D., Professor of Education and Can Uslay, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Marketing.

The Valerie Scudder Award recognizes outstanding achievement in teaching, scholarship, advising, and/or service.

The Sponsored Research Million Dollar Club Award went to Dr. Christopher Kim.

Personalized Education Teaching Grants went to: Dr. Douglas Dechow, Associate Librarian
Leatherby Libraries; Dr. Jennifer Funk, Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences & Dr. Jason Keller, Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences; Dr. Baron Kelly, Assistant Professor of Theatre; Dr. Roxanne Greitz Miller, Associate Professor of Education; Dr. Veronique Olivier, Assistant Professor of Languages; and Susan Paterno, Professor of English.

Scholarly/Creative Grants went to:  Dr. Mark Axelrod, Professor of English; Dr. Alexander Bay, Assistant Professor of History; Dr. Mauricio Benitez, Assistant Professor of Political Science; John Benitz, Assistant Professor of Theatre; Stephen Berens, Assistant Professor of Art; Margie Curwen, Assistant Professor of Education and Dr. Anaida Colon-Muniz, Associate Professor of Education; Dr. Logan Esdale, Assistant Professor of English; Dr. Patrick Fuery, Professor of English; Dr. Michael Griffin, Professor of Chemistry; Dr. Lori Cox Han, Professor of Political Science; Dr. Lynn Horton, Assistant Professor of Sociology; Dr. Peter Jipsen, Associate Professor of Mathematics; Dr. Christopher Kim, Assistant Professor of Chemistry; Dr. Anna Leahy, Assistant Professor of English; Dr. Liliana Leopardi, Assistant Professor of Art; Dr. Alison McKenzie, Professor of Physical Therapy; Dr. Lilia Monzo, Assistant Professor of Education; Dr. Anuradha Prakash, Professor of Food Science and Nutrition; Dr. Melissa Rowland-Goldsmith, Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences;  Dr. David Shafie, Assistant Professor of Political Science; Dr. Ken Sumida, Professor of Biological Sciences; Dr. Angela Tumini, Assistant Professor of Languages;  Dr. Lilian Were, Assistant Professor of Food Science and Nutrition; and Dr. Anna Wilson, Associate Professor of Education.

Awards of Excellence were awarded to: Jeff Swimmer, Associate Professor of Film and Media Arts, and Dr. Daniel Wellman, Associate Professor of Chemistry, for Excellence in Teaching; Dr. Jason K. Keller, Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences, Dr. Brennan Peterson, Assistant Professor of Psychology, Lawrence E. Rosenthal, Professor of Law, Dr. Peiyi Zhao, Assistant Professor of Computer Science, for Excellence in Scholarly/Creative Activity; Dr. Karen Gallagher, Instructor of German, and Dr. Anna Leahy, Assistant Professor of English, for Excellence in Service; and Dr. Leland Estes, Associate Professor of History, for Pedagogical Innovation.

Receiving tenure and promotion to full professor were Harry Cheney, film and media arts, and Bobby Dexter, law.

Receiving tenure and promotion to associate professor were Drs. Jason Bennett, Athletic Training, Lynn Horton, Sociology, Christopher Kim, Chemistry, Anna Leahy, English; Joanna Levin, English; Brennan Peterson, Psychology; David Pincus, Psychology; Adrian Vajiac, Mathematics; Pilar Valenzuela, Languages; and Lilian Were, Food Science and Nutrition.

Receiving tenure was Thomas Bradac, Associate Professor of Theatre.

Promotions included: Dr. John Brady, to full Professor of Education; Dr. Catherine Clark, to full Professor of Chemistry; Daniel Leonard, to full Professor of Film and Television; Dr. Walter Piper, to full Professor of Biological Sciences; and Dr. Lynn Tierney to Clinical Associate Professor of Physical Therapy.

Dawn Bonker

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