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crystal murphy
Associate Professor Crystal Murphy Named U.S. Fulbright Scholar for Research on Sudan
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LOS ANGELES TIMES: So what is ‘Bidenomics’ anyway? Certainly not the key to President Biden’s reelection
Juhi Doshi
Chapman Student Wins White House Correspondents’ Association Scholarship
Daniel Canogar standing next to Pareidolia, an artwork consiting of moving images on four video screens
Daniel Canogar’s “Pareidolia” Multimedia Artwork Unveiled at Chapman University
Fred Smoller Headshot
LA TIMES: Column: There’s no home field advantage in California for Vice President Kamala Harris
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Trinity Huynh ’24 Advocates for Higher Education with State Legislators
Fred Smoller Headshot
THE MERCURY NEWS: After Anaheim’s last mayor resigned, four say they’re the candidate to move city forward
Professor Fred Smoller
VOICE OF OC: Pivotal Election Affecting OC’s Criminal Justice, Schools, Parks and Homelessness
Professor Fred Smoller
Poli sci professor puts city of Bell corruption scandal under the microscope
A Jedi in the White House? Mind tricks could be trouble, but fun we might have
Chapman University experts to discuss ‘Nuclear Iran’ at Nov. 14 panel