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SPECTRUM NEWS1: Two Members of Oath Keepers Found Guilty of U.S. Sedition

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NEBRASKA PUBLIC MEDIA: Threats to election security won’t subside after ballots are cast

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NEW YORK TIMES: Pelosi Attack Highlights Rising Fears of Political Violence

Sociologist Pete Simi research in the field.

NEBRASKA EXAMINER: Nebraska election officials say their job is more stressful, under the spotlight

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ROLLING STONE: Neo-Nazi Satanist Cult Is a Terrorist Group, Feds Say In the trial of a U.S. GI accused of plotting to murder his fellow soldiers, the United States says the Order of Nine Angles sect should be treated like Al Qaeda

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ABC DALLAS: North Texas-based hate group’s arrests in Idaho show wide reach of white supremacy, researchers say

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THE ATLANTIC: The Far Right’s Fear of ‘Glowies’ PETE SIMI, associate professor of sociology, quoted in this story about the secret language of the far right.

NPR’s ‘Here and Now’ Interviews Chapman Professor Pete Simi on His Research Into Racist Hate

Getting to the Root of Racist Hate Chapman researcher Pete Simi says we shouldn't be surprised by violent nature of white supremacists.