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Image of frees and canopy in a tropical rainforest.
The secret lives of roots: Tropical forest root systems are central to improving climate change predictions
overhead shot of researchers gathered around table with copmuters, books and papers
Chapman Students’ Research Sheds Light on Dangers of Extreme Heat in Orange County In a cross-disciplinary course, professors Gregory Goldsmith and Joshua Fisher help students translate remote-sensing information into community-based change.
Joshua Fisher with students
MEDIUM: Tropical forests are approaching critical temperature thresholds
schmid gate chapman university
Chapman University’s Environmental Scientist, Dr. Joshua Fisher Contributes to Milestone Study on OpenET’s Precision in Monitoring Water Use Sustainable water management is an increasing concern in arid regions around the world, and scientists and regulators are turning to satellites to help track and manage water resources
Josh Fisher with students
Chapman Professor Helps United Nations’ Response to Water Crisis
Presidential Fellow Joshua B. Fisher
USA TODAY: Climate change is pushing Earth toward these 5 disastrous scenarios, report says
composite image of landscape showing rain, fire and dry earth
The Ways of Water: Interdisciplinary Research Examines Water Systems in the American Southwest Hydrologist Tom Piechota leads interdisciplinary research that informs strategies for managing the West’s most precious natural resource.
review of hiker in rainforest
A Matter of Degrees: Tropical Forests Are Within Critical Temperature Thresholds Two Chapman University scientists are on the team of more than a dozen who gathered and confirmed crisis-level data.
Joshua Fisher
CNN: Parts of tropical rainforests could get too hot for photosynthesis, study suggests
Schmid Gate
Chapman University Climate Scientist Finds New Way to Measure the Earth’s Ability to Offset Carbon Emissions
Joshua Fisher with students
SCIENCE DAILY: Climate scientist finds new way to measure the Earth’s ability to offset carbon emissions
composite photo of researchers and creatives
What Drives Those Who Explore at the Cutting Edge of Discovery? Chapman University’s bold vision and creative culture are helping to inspire breakthrough projects with global impact.

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