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illustration of two hands reaching for each other
Sharing Their Stories, Being Their Voice: 25 Years of Chapman University’s Holocaust Art & Writing Contest Organizers and participants reflect upon the contest's impact and ongoing importance in confronting antisemitism.
shira klein
Exposing the Holocaust Lies on the Dark Side of Wikipedia Associate Professor of History Shira Klein writes about how she learned about the potential for disinformation on the crowdsourced information site, and the viral response that followed.
Chapman Professor Shira Klein on panel discussion
Ruling on Wikipedia’s Distortion of Holocaust History Lacks Depth
Chapman Professor Shira Klein on panel discussion
Research Reveals Wikipedia’s Intentional Distortion of the History of the Holocaust Chapman University and the University of Ottawa historians detail the erosion of accuracy and unveil prejudice on Wikipedia
Dodge College Animation Student Preserves Holocaust History
Elie Wiesel
Ticket reservations for April’s ‘Conversations with Elie Wiesel’ available soon