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TPI 2022
Chapman University Leads the National DEI Discussion with the 2023 Summit on Disability and Inclusion, Putting Disability at the Forefront The Aug. 11 summit includes a powerful examination of disability in the DEI discussion, bringing together educators and advocates for meaningful dialogue.
Kevin Nguyen-Stockbridge
Chapman Hires First Director of LGBTQ Pride and Achievement
MLK award winner and DEI staff
Chapman Holds Inaugural MLK Community Award Reception
Mike Alfaro '10 poses with Latinx Club
Chapman Alumnus Shares Millennial Loteria With Students Mike Alfaro ’10, known for giving modern twist to classic game, plays with Latinx Club
Michelle Yeoh after Master Class
Chapman Holds to Lofty No. 4 Spot in The Wrap’s Annual Ranking of Top 50 Film Schools
LGBTQIA+ flag in front of Chapman campus building
What’s the Difference Between LGBT History Month and Pride Month?