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Panther Cage Match 3
Chapman University’s Leatherby Center for Entrepreneurship Partners with Amazon for the Panther Cage Match: A Dynamic Pitch Competition Featuring Insights from Amazon’s Colleen Schwab on Fostering a Culture of Innovation
Associate Professor Brett Danaher at entertainment analytics conference
Chapman Brings Together Top Talent in Entertainment Analytics Entertainment analytics conference strengthens ties to industry, benefits alumni and students
carved out canoe
WIRED: The Modern World Is Aging Your Brain In a remote part of the Amazon, anthropologists and neuroscientists are learning about life and health without an “embarrassment of riches.”
Tsimane villagers in the Amazon
Scientists Study Bolivian Amazon Communities for Clues to Healthy Brain Aging Chapman scientist Hillard Kaplan says there's a 'sweet spot' of food consumption, exercise and even exposure to pathogens that maximize health, well-being and cognitive function.
Tsimane villagers in the Amazon
NATURE MIDDLE EAST: South American tribes more resilient to brain ageing than Westerners
Writing a dictionary to preserve a language is an Amazonian, but rewarding, project
Chapman banner
Dr. Valenzuela keynotes bilingual conference

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