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Naveena Chonkaria and Marisa Quezada at Chapman.

Women at Chapman

We were raised by strong, fierce immigrant women who have fought sexism and discrimination their entire lives. Having role models like that has shaped us into the women and leaders we are today. We are co-chairs for...

Angel Nash head shot

Why I Advocate for Intersectional Leadership

If they don’t give you a seat at the table, bring a folding chair. – Shirley Chisholm, First Black Congresswoman and first Black woman candidate for a major party nomination for United States Presidency The leadership...

Essraa Nawar at the beach.

I Found My Voice at Chapman!

Leadership is not a contest; it is a responsibility and an honor. A crucial part of developing people is believing in them and empowering them to use their voices to share their perspectives and ideas and defend...