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blue street sign from the City Orange with the street name Chapman Ave

Chapman Impact on Local Community Is More Than Monetary New reports show that the university generates more than $213 million in economic output for the City of Orange, but it’s the intangible benefits for the community that make the biggest impact.

Two reports released by Beacon Economics, an independent economic research firm, have concluded that “[Chapman University’s] activities generate significant economic output that supports thousands of jobs and creates...

nadia murad in academic robe behind podium

Nobel Peace Laureate Nadia Murad Challenges Chapman Grads to Fight for Justice The social justice activist and Presidential Fellow met with students during a special Q&A event before delivering the keynote address at Chapman University’s 2022 Commencement.

“Who are you and what will you fight for?” This is the question Nobel Peace Laureate and human rights activist Nadia Murad posed to the graduates of the class of 2022 during Chapman University’s recent commencement...