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IS&T is currently investigating a reported issue where student data for the Spring 2020T semester is not populating in Canvas LMS.

More information will be provided, once available.


The Spring 2020 final grade roster will be available starting Thursday, May 21.


The Office of the Registrar has announced that the Spring 2020 Grade Roster has been delayed. Please note the Office of the Provost has already been informed of the issue. We appreciate your patience while the matter is being resolved.


Users of SimCheck or Similarity may have been unable to login to these services. Users accessing these services via an integration may have been unable to make submissions and/or view reports. We are pleased to advise that service has been restored.


IS&T has received reports that certain tools in Blackboard are throwing errors saying they're 'unavailable'.  We have submitted a request to Blackboard managed hosting to perform a rolling restart, which we anticipate will resolve the current issues being reported. No downtime is expected durinng the restart.


Around 8:30am, on April 27th, the Cascade content management system (CMS) servers unexpectedly went offline and users were receiving an "Error 404" code. IS&T has identified the issue and was able to restore services around 8:55am.


Turitin reports they experienced an outage on April 21 From 7:o8 AM to 8:45 AM (PST). Some users may have been unable to access these services but would have experienced degraded performance. Users accessing Turnitin via integrations were also impacted by the service disruption.


There is known issue being investigated by Microsoft about some users receiving an "Error 500" when attempting to access their Outlook webmail accounts. IS&T is currently working with Microsoft to resolve the errors.


The TouchNet connection to Campus Solutions/ePay was offline throughout the weekend and up until about 1:30pm today.

While the outage was expected as part of the PTools Upgrade, TouchNet support incorrectly upgraded the Campus Solutions server instead of the Finance environment that was actually being upgraded over the weekend.

IS&T received notice this morning that the connection to TouchNet on both environments was offline and worked with TouchNet support to get it resolved.

All TouchNet connections services are confirmed operational at this time.


IS&T is happy to report that all Touchnet Services have been restored and are operational.