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bradley in grad robes

Blending Business, Language and Leadership: Bradley’s Chapman Journey

Bradley ’23 exemplifies a student who is making the most of their Chapman Experience.

As a double major, Bradley credits Chapman’s promise of a personalized education with his ability to blend his passions while an undergraduate student – he earned a Bachelor of Science in business administration with emphases in international business and finance and a Bachelor of Arts in French.

Beyond the classroom, Bradley’s love for Chapman is with the people and organizations that make the campus feel like home — such as the Chapman Ambassadors Program, Triathlon Club, French Club, and his fraternity.

“I’ve been fortunate to be part of incredible communities that shaped my journey,” he said.

Graduating in May 2023 opened doors to new horizons. Bradley delved into finance through a summer internship at Harvey & Company in Newport Beach.

“It was a real eye-opener, seeing the practical applications of what I learned in the classroom,” Bradley said, his experience bridging academia and the professional world.

Now, pursuing his MBA as part of the Argyros College of Business & EconomicsIntegrated 4+1 MBA cohort, Bradley is gearing up for the next chapter.

“Chapman has set me up for the next stage of my life, both academically and professionally,” said Bradley. “The MBA program is a natural progression, and I’m excited about the opportunities it opens up for my career in finance, ideally in venture capital or private equity.”

The dream of an MBA is a reality in no small part because Bradley was awarded the Dean’s Merit Scholarship, which helps bridge the gap between getting into the program — and being able to pay for it. Because of his opportunity to attend Chapman, he recognizes the profound impact of scholarships and the Chapman Fund.

“It’s not just about financial assistance,” he said. “The Chapman Fund supports the state-of-the-art facilities and programs that enrich our campus life. It’s the backbone of the thriving community and the personalized education that defines Chapman.”

For Bradley, Chapman isn’t just a university; it’s a transformative journey.

“I would not be who I am today without the leadership and guidance from professors, mentors, and friends I have attained from Chapman,” said Bradley. “I cannot picture myself anywhere else.”

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