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Personalized Learning and Extracurricular Engagement: Maria’s Journey at Chapman University

Consider the impactful moments that have shaped your journey: navigating new relationships and opportunities, pursuing your passions, and forging your path in life.

At Chapman University, we celebrate these defining Chapman Experiences while excelling in what sets us apart: providing students with a personalized education that fosters close faculty-student connections and abundant personal and professional opportunities.

Maria ’26 is one of the many students at Chapman who has benefited from these unique qualities of the university.

“A distinguishing feature of being a Chapman student is the privilege of engaging in intimate classroom settings that foster close-knit interactions with every educator,” she said. “This personalized approach to learning has been a highlight of my academic experience.”

Maria is pursuing a double major in strategic and corporate communication and psychology. As she contemplates her future career path, her aspirations gravitate toward advertising and marketing.

“This inclination influenced my decision to pursue strategic and corporate communication as my second major, as it aligns with my professional goals,” she said.

Furthermore, Maria is deeply involved in the campus Public Relations/Advertising Club and is an active sorority member.

“These extracurricular pursuits have enriched my collegiate life and contributed to my personal growth,” she described.

As Maria tells it, these opportunities are the direct result of the scholarship she received.

“My academic journey to Chapman University was made possible by the generous Hesperian scholarship,” she said. “The availability of financial aid was instrumental in allowing me to attend Chapman, for which I am truly grateful.”

The Hesperian scholarship, which is funded by the larger Chapman Fund, supports students’ educational journeys by  providing merit- and need-based scholarships to more than 80 percent of students.

“I deeply appreciate Chapman’s contribution to my academic pursuits,” Maria said. “My time at Chapman has proven transformative, allowing me to forge meaningful connections with exceptional individuals who continually inspire my personal development.”

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