Graphic of employees interacting with each other.
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New Workplace Wellness and Engagement Program Announced – “Bringing Meaning to Work”

Even in difficult times, there are always glimmers of hope that infuse meaning to our work days. Maybe it’s your work team, or your furry, four legged “coworkers.” Whatever it is, the upcoming program in the Paws Up for Workplace Wellness and Engagement series is a great place to share about the people, places or things that fill your work days with purpose.

Bringing Meaning to Work” will be held on Friday, February 26 at 3 p.m. To participate, staff and administrators may submit a note, image or video of growth and inspiration while working at Chapman to Kudoboard. While you’re there, check out the notes already submitted. The deadline to submit your note of inspiration (image/video/letter) to Kudoboard is Tuesday, February 23 at 12 p.m. 

During the program, the names of winners will be drawn using a wheel of names. Winners must be present when their name is called. Learn more about how to submit your letter on Kudoboard and the rules of participation. Among the prizes participants will have a chance to win are gift cards to Amazon, Best Buy, Target and more! For more information, including information on programming, please visit the Paws Up for Workplace Wellness and Engagement website.

Michelle Anguka