Congratulations to the Recipients of This Week’s Service Plan of Recognition

We are proud to name this week’s Service Plan of Recognition awardees for their extraordinary work as Chapman responds to COVID-19. Each staff and administrator selected embodies the dedication and integrity that continues to drive and strengthen Chapman University. 

For information on how to nominate employees, read this article about the New Service Recognition Plan.

This week’s recipients are: 

Danielle Cobb, academic records coordinator, Office of the Registrar

Danielle Cobb has provided outstanding support to the Student Standards Committee. This includes assisting students with submitting petitions for review, setting up and managing Zoom meetings with students and committee members, providing the necessary documentation for those meetings, and assisting with technical issues before, during, and after the meetings. She always has a positive attitude even when working with some very difficult situations. – Jan McCuen

Andy Harman, archivist, Leatherby Libraries

During the Fall Semester, archivist Andy Harman enthusiastically met with history students online to share how to conduct their critical research with digital surrogates from the Center for American War Letters Archives. – Helen Norris

Barron Williams, associate director, IS&T

Barron’s commitment to customer service has resulted in the campus receiving great support through the pandemic.  I received an email on Friday describing the IS&T staff as “rock stars.”  That is due to Barron’s leadership and support of his team. – Helen Norris

Heidi Spurlock, department assistant, Facilities Management

Nancy Lopez, business coordinator, Facilities Management

Nancy and Heidi have been instrumental these past few weeks with managing several key Facilities financial projects. Their hard work has assisted Facilities in analyzing its spending during this difficult time. Thank you for your dedication. – Rick Turner

Jordan Vaughn, program coordinator, First Year Experience, Residence Life and First Year Experience

Jordan successfully managed spring student and family orientation in the virtual environment, helping to welcome hundreds of new students to Chapman for the spring semester. – Dave Sundby

Jamie Gutierrez, assistant director, Residence Life and First Year Experience

Jamie led another successful virtual orientation for new students and families for the spring semester. She also helped support move-in efforts in residence halls. – Dave Sundby

Tim Alexander, resident director, Glass, Residence Life and First Year Experience

Tim worked over the last month to ensure that Glass Hall was ready for new student move-in this week. He also helped our staff replace a failing duty phone just before the week started. – Dave Sundby

Omar Zuwayed, resident director, Sandhu Residence Center, Residence Life and First Year Experience

Omar managed the Sandhu Residence Center and related facilities issues with directness and care to facilitate a smooth move-in for many students new to housing. – Dave Sundby

Christy Martinez-Saucedo, resident director, Pralle-Sodaro, Residence Life and First Year Experience

Christy showed excellent flexibility in Pralle-Sodaro for move-in week given many last-minute facilities issues. Despite these challenges, she led a successful move-in week. – Dave Sundby

Krista Kelly, resident director, Henley, Residence Life and First Year Experience

Krista did an excellent job managing all processes for her building move-in, especially because many of the students in Henley were moving from other communities. – Dave Sundby

Alex Hart, area coordinator, The K, Residence Life and First Year Experience

Alex managed the move-in process for three separate communities last week. He also created a virtual form for RLFYE staff to verify current occupancy in each community. – Dave Sundby

Joe Koluder, assistant director, Residence Life and First Year Experience

Joe has been working daily with campus partners to manage our testing compliance for residential students. This has been especially critical with new students moving in last week. – Dave Sundby

Michael Whitehouse, equipment coordinator, Public Safety

Michael has demonstrated crucial teamwork by volunteering to assist Public Safety patrol personnel with daily screening checks on campus.   His willingness to do this provides important coverage and relief for other personnel. – Randy Burba