President Struppa’s Message on Supreme Court Case

Chapman University is being connected in the national media to a lawsuit in which current faculty member John Eastman is representing President Trump in an action before the Supreme Court. In that filing, the Chapman physical address, a Chapman email and phone number were used. I have issued a strong directive for Professor Eastman to remove from his private filing any direct or indirect reference to Chapman University and formally file such change with the court.

This university has clear policies in place regarding outside activity. This faculty member is presently on a leave of absence from the university,  therefore he is free to represent whomever he chooses in private practice. This freedom should not be construed as implying any concurrence or approval for his actions by the university. In fact, when acting privately, Chapman faculty and staff are not free to use Chapman University’s email address, physical address or telephone number in connection with the support of a political candidate. When staff and faculty act privately, there is an affirmative duty to make it clear that any opinions expressed or positions taken do not reflect the opinions or positions of the university. 

As a nonprofit institution, Chapman University does not participate in, endorse or intervene in any political campaign on behalf of or in opposition to any candidate, and to do so as a representative of Chapman is not consistent with our policies. I want to state again that I have directed Professor Eastman to remove information associated with Chapman from the Supreme Court filings and to refrain from using this information in any future political activity or outside employment. He has advised me that he will comply with my directive.

On behalf of Chapman University and the Chapman community, I apologize for any concern or confusion this activity has created.


Dawn Bonker

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