Tips on ergonomic workstation

5 Ergonomic Tips to Consider for your Workspace

Working from the comfort of your couch definitely has its perks. But the absence of a proper workstation can sometimes take a toll on how we feel while at work. The good news is that making simple ergonomic changes in your workstation can go a long way in improving your comfort and increasing your productivity. 

Susan Romano, a Risk Engineering Consultant who handles all the ergonomic cases at Chapman University, offers tips on how to make your workstation work better for you. Whether you’re working from home or even if you’re back in the office, consider these tips for your workspace. 

1. Adjust your Chair 

How your position yourself on your chair is an important component for maintaining good posture and comfort. Start by placing your feet flat on the floor. If you’re using a foot rest, angle your feet slightly. The seat pan should support your upper legs without touching the back of your knees. Finally, to avoid straining your neck, rest your shoulders on the back of the seat.

2. Elevate your Monitor

The monitor plays a significant role in maintaining ergonomic posture. Keep it at or slightly below eye height and position it directly in front of you. You can use a laptop holder to raise your monitor to achieve the proper height. If you don’t have a laptop holder, stack a few books or other household items. If you’re using two monitors, position the two close together with the main one being directly in front of you. 

3. Watch your Wrists

As you’re typing away, keep an eye out for the posture of your wrists. Keeping your wrists flat is key. Using an external mouse and keyboard can help keep your wrists straight.

4. Keep Lighting in Mind

Glare in your screen is one of the main issues caused by lighting. One way to avoid glare is by repositioning your screen. Positioning your screen to be perpendicular to windows or other sources of light can often help reduce glare. If you’re still having issues, try placing an anti-glare screen on the display!

5. Move Around

Sitting in the same position for hours can lead to discomfort. As you’re working, remind yourself to take rest breaks. Even standing up or stretching periodically can make a difference in how you feel.

All faculty and staff are invited to take Chapman’s Online Ergonomics Training, or have a virtual assessment of, and recommendations for, your remote workspace. Email Tim Frenchcampbell for more information.