Hyflex Classrooms

HyFlex Classroom Types and Resources

IS&T is excited to share details about our HyFlex classrooms on campus as well as resources to maximize your experience teaching this fall. The following are the three types of HyFlex classrooms available to you on campus:

Prime – Include a Zoom Panel for direct connection to a Zoom meeting. The microphones are mounted on the ceiling and will capture sound from anywhere in the room. The classroom cameras are either mounted on the ceiling or the back wall and give a clear view of the whiteboard and the instructor’s lectern.

Flexcam – In these classrooms, Zoom uses the Desktop Computer to start the meeting. The Flexcam is a high-quality webcam with an integrated microphone mounted on a free-standing portable suspension bracket with a 15’ cable. The camera view can include the whiteboard or the instructor’s lectern.

Connect – Former Panopto Lecture Capture rooms can now join Zoom meetings using the Desktop Computer. The wall-mounted camera becomes the primary video source and uses the room control panel to adjust the camera shot. The microphone is mounted on the instructor’s station or table.

Classroom resources and videos:

Here are some Zoom resources that we encourage you to take advantage of. Going through these resources will help you navigate through your Zoom meetings and manage your Zoom meetings better.

In addition, Zoom has created a YouTube channel with several tutorial videos. Access the “How to Zoom” Youtube Channel.