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Fish Interfaith Center Offers Individual Grief Counseling Sessions Plus More Resources

Chapman University’s Fish Interfaith Center continues to be an important source of support during the current pandemic. Among the many resources the Fish Interfaith Center offers is grief counseling. 

All faculty, staff and students who are grieving or facing any other concern are invited to contact the Fish Interfaith Center to set up a grief counseling session, or chat with a chaplain.

Dean of the Wallace All Faiths Chapel at Chapman University Rev. Gail Stearns, Ph.D., says that for chaplains who have been guiding grief counseling sessions for years it’s a privilege, and one they don’t take lightly.

“We are honored to be invited into the liminal, sacred moments of illness and death experienced by families and their dying loved ones. Throughout the years we have heard from many who value having a companion along the way when they are grieving,” Stearns says. “That is all we are – listening companions.”

Reach Out for Help

While grief may feel like an isolating experience, Stearns says it often helps to talk with someone who can walk through the process with you and help you find ways to cope. 

“The pain is not equally distributed among us, but we are each experiencing a portion – and our work right now is to be attentive to our own process. Only then will we be able to be our best selves, and to help others find meaning and healing in this moment,” says Stearns.

All faculty, staff and students with any concern are welcome to contact the Fish Interfaith Center to set up a grief counseling session. Email Or join us on “Chat with a Chaplain,” on Zoom every weekday between 1 – 3 p.m.

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Michelle Anguka