How Ergonomic is Your Home Office? Take Chapman’s Online Ergonomics Training to Find Out

Still in the thick of remote work, many of us find ourselves perched on hard dining chairs, hunched over laptops, typing away. Our makeshift “home offices” get the job done but they’re often less-than-ideal ergonomic conditions.

Fortunately for the Chapman Community, the Office of Human Resources is ready to help. All faculty and staff are invited to take Chapman’s Online Ergonomics Training, or have a virtual assessment of, and recommendations for, your remote workspace.  

Faculty and staff who would like to take Chapman’s Online Ergonomics Training or have a virtual 1:1 evaluation may email Tim Frenchcampbell at

Benefits-eligible employers can, on a temporary basis, use their ThrivePass Wellness dollars to purchase home office and ergonomic equipment. Log in to your ThrivePass account for more information. 

If you are experiencing pain due to your home-office setup, contact Tim Frenchcampbell as soon as possible.

For more health and wellness information, visit the Office of Human Resources website.