Congratulations to this Week’s Service Plan of Recognition Recipients

We are proud to name this week’s Service Plan of Recognition awardees for their extraordinary work as Chapman responds to COVID-19. Each staff and administrator selected embodies the dedication and integrity that continues to drive and strengthen Chapman University. 

For information on how to nominate employees, read this article about the New Service Recognition Plan.

This week’s recipients are: 

Dina Mai Bartoloni, assistant director of Academic Advising, Office of the Provost

Dina worked with IS&T to conduct MS Teams training for the advising team, used her expertise with MS Bookings to synchronize nine advisors’ Outlook calendars and developed an efficient online appointment schedule for the AAC advisors. — LB Brown

Daisy Dizon, property management coordinator, Property Management

While remote, Daisy has found efficient and effective ways to communicate with other team members throughout the campus, take on a higher-volume workload and provide almost seamless customer service with kindness and consideration for others. — Rick Turner

Robert Lemus, facilities tech depot coordinator, Facilities Management

While remote, Robert has been working behind the scenes, acquiring campus materials for the FM staff. His efforts have contributed to the success of our techs’ abilities to support the campus systems during this shutdown. Rick Turner

Zachariah Zeiger, facilities tech depot support, Facilities Management

Zachariah has been the onsite materials depot support throughout this campus shutdown. Being one of the newest employees to the FM team, he has embraced the challenges of working with this essential component of FM support. Rick Turner

Martha Castrejon, talent management specialist, Office of Human Resources

Martha continues to demonstrate her willingness to step in and assume new responsibilities to support campus engagement, wellness and learning initiatives during the COVID-19 closure. We are very appreciative of her enthusiasm. Brian Powell

Eddie Sauceda, chair of access services, Leatherby Libraries

Vince Perrone, night circulation supervisor, Leatherby Libraries

When the library became physically unavailable, Eddie and Vince came to campus to process and disseminate physical library resources to faculty and students in support of research and maintained excellent communication throughout the process. Helen Norris

Phil Hall, network specialist, IS&T

Phil took on a completely new role supporting online teaching. He learned many new apps and became very knowledgeable in their use. He patiently spent countless hours working with instructors that were moving to online teaching. — Helen Norris

Kimberly Whitlock, department assistant, IS&T

Kimberly has been a productive member of the working remotely team, picking up calls and technical tickets. She has been helpful and patient with students, faculty and staff, even when training and learning-on-the-go can be challenging. — Helen Norris

Dave Acheson, network project manager, IS&T

Dave has been extremely helpful during this time of campus shut down. He often provides assistance outside his regular working hours. During the shutdown, he has helped to correct telecom, radio and camera issues to help Public Safety. — Helen Norris

Dave Acheson, network project manager, IS&T

Dave always goes above and beyond. He never hesitates to help, even outside his regular working hours. He has helped to correct telecom, radio and camera issues. He is dedicated to his job, the university and the needs of DPS. — Randy Burba

Rick Gonzalez, deputy chief, Public Safety

Rick has served as the primary liaison with the Orange County Emergency Response team, was able to secure safety equipment and has worked tirelessly to bring peer support and training to the DPS team. — Randy Burba

Kirk Miller, operations administrator, Public Safety

Kirk has been instrumental in securing safety equipment and ensuring all the logistics of the department continue to function even as normal resources are not available. — Randy Burba

Greg Castro, officer, Public Safety

Officer Castro observed and intervened in an act of vandalism involving graffiti. The subject was arrested by OPD preventing further vandalism. — Randy Burba

Cliff Williams, lieutenant, Public Safety

Josie Wright, sergeant, Public Safety

Lieutenant Williams and Sergeant Wright made contact with a distraught Chapman community member. Williams and Wright made the person feel relaxed and relieved stress through empathy and compassion. — Randy Burba

Molly McCarty, research administrator, Office of Research

Molly has done a tremendous job over the past two months handling additional preaward (proposal) activity for the entire campus and we appreciate her dedication to Chapman faculty and students. — Tom Piechota

Heather Breen, manager, video and photography, Strategic Marketing and Communications

Heather has been working to provide strong video content to support the offices of the President and Admission. She has been instrumental in getting out messages to meet the needs of the requests during these uncertain times. — Jamie Ceman

Tod Brewster, social media and digital marketing specialist, Strategic Marketing and Communications

In this age of enhanced digital communications and social media community building, Tod has shown true leadership and support to the entire campus. His creative energy and thoughtful approach to these efforts are impressive and appreciated. — Jamie Ceman

Leanna Izen, career educator, Office of Career and Professional Development

Leanna has been instrumental in leading virtual workshops, has taken on additional responsibilities as the Interim STEM Career Advisor and submitted best practices for providing virtual career services, as featured in a recent article. — Susan Chang

Janelle Farkas, career educator, Office of Career and Professional Development

Janelle takes great pride in her work and collaborated with admissions on two career panels for admitted students with over 300 attendees. She has successfully transitioned to conducting virtual career appointments and led virtual workshops. — Susan Chang

Garrett Aanestad, manager Chapman Fund

Erica Evans, parent engagement coordinator, Strategic Engagement and Development

Joy Flynn, manager, Support Group Programs, Alumni Engagement

Kira Gentry, analyst, Prospect Research

William Guzik, manager, Alumni Engagement

Cristina Hallock, strategic events manager, Alumni Engagement

Jessica Haut, department assistant, University Advancement

Lindsey Jacobs, manager, Legacy Planning

Olivia Kwitny, coordinator, Alumni Engagement

Courtney Lutkus, assistant director, Institutional Support

Mandana Mahmoudi, administrative and special projects coordinator, Strategic Engagement and Development

Stephanie Mohl, research and prospect manager, Prospect Research

Larry Pace, assistant director Chapman Fund, University Advancement

Jennifer Roseblade, development assistant, Chapman Fund, University Advancement

Christine Vaughn, assistant director, Institutional Support

Michael Perini, volunteer engagement manager, Strategic Engagement and Development

Katie Zaremba, development writer, University Advancement

Dawn Bonker, senior writer, Strategic Marketing and Communication

Michelle Anguka, writer, Strategic Marketing and Communication

Sarah Lee, content editor, Strategic Marketing and Communication

Alex Quintanilla, junior graphic designer, Creative Services

This year’s Giving Day was a tremendous success for Chapman. We raised $1,105,338 from 1330 gifts in a single day. The team worked tirelessly to support this massive effort and went above and beyond to make this a huge success. — Sheryl Bourgeois