Three panthers

Chapman’s Pete the Panther Welcomes a New Cub to the Pack Local Orange elementary school embraces new panther cub mascot.

It’s a hot, sunny California day — the kind of day when many kids might prefer to stay inside. But the students at Cambridge Elementary School in the City of Orange don’t seem to mind the heat as they line up on their playground blacktop. 

Dressed in school colors of black and red, the students prepare to meet their new school mascot — Cam the Panther Cub. Anticipation bubbles among the smallest students as familiar friends Pete the Panther from Chapman University and Patty Panther from Orange High School join the fun, offering high-fives and hugs to young fans.

For years there’s been just two Panthers prowling the town of Orange— Pete and Patty. Now, with Cambridge’s new mascot joining the pack, Orange is officially Panther country. 

Cheerleaders with Pete the Panther
Pete the Panther joined the celebration, along with Chapman University cheerleaders Jiuliana Franco ‘21, left, and Reagan Poltrock ‘21.

“This is a very exciting day because our new mascot is here for the very first time!” booms Diane Lew, Cambridge Elementary School principal.  

“Yeah!” 530 small voices cheer back with enthusiasm.

“This is very important because our new mascot represents all of our values that we have here at Cambridge.” Lew calls out.

“We ROCK because we are what?” shouts Lew, kicking off the pep rally.

The new Cambridge Panther Cubs respond with true Panther pride:  

 “Responsible!” “Organized!” “College and career-ready!” “Kind!” 

Becoming the Cubs

The new mascot has a special meaning for the Cambridge Elementary School community. 

“It ties us in with our high school and the local college,” says Amber Johnson, 5th grade teacher, “We’re really excited to have that connection. It’s meaningful to us and it’s a fresh new look!”

With Chapman University down the street and a stone’s throw from Orange High School, the Panther Cub mascot signals to students and parents that future educational opportunities are just around the corner. 

“We used to be the Crusaders,” Lew says. “We changed to the Panther Cubs with the idea of making those connections to the community a little stronger. Now, we’re all future Panthers.”

“It’s cool that now there’s going to be three Panther mascots in the community so close together,” says Chapman University cheerleader Reagan Poltrock, ‘21. 

Panthers on Parade

The festivities kicked off with a performance by Orange High School cheerleaders and special guests, Patty the Panther and Orange High School principal Dennis McCuistion.

Chapman University cheerleaders Reagan Poltrock ‘21 and Jiuliana Franco ‘21 spoke to students about their special shared mascot. 

Cambridge Elementary’s Pep Squad led their classmates in cheers as Orange Unified School District Superintendent Gunn Marie Hanse, along with other administrators, applauded the school spirit. 

At last, the Panther of the hour, Cam the Cub, leaped out from behind a screen to wow students and fans alike. 

Cambridge Elementary Students are wild about their new mascot. 

“The Black panther is a skilled hunter!” says Samuel, 5th grade. 

“In the movie Black Panther, I like the character,” says Aiden, 5th grade.

Will we see these panther cubs at Chapman one day? Perhaps!

“I will go to Orange High. Maybe Chapman!” says Samuel. 

Stephanie House