Workfront: Chapman’s New Marketing Project Management System

When you have the right tools, it’s easy to get the job done. Now, Chapman employees have a user-friendly tool to request and track projects from Strategic Marketing and Communications (SMC): Workfront.

Launching in early December, Workfront is a one-stop, all-inclusive platform for submitting project requests, tracking ongoing projects, requesting stories, reporting web bugs and even asking general questions from SMC staff.

“The implementation of Workfront is a response to campus feedback that SMC needs to be more transparent in the status of projects, and be able to get projects done in a timelier way.” says Jamie Ceman, vice president of strategic marketing and communications. “I really believe this system will make a big difference in how we meet the needs of campus.”

This system also provides SMC the ability to better track projects, manage timelines and assign teams in a way to accommodate campus requests.

A key feature of Workfront is that it will allow campus partners to view the status of their requests and see which staff members are working on their project.

 “Workfront’s interface is user-friendly; campus partners will really benefit from the centralized platform,” says Shirin Khodabandehloo, director of marketing projects with strategic marketing and communications. “SMC will be here to help with the transition, every step of the way.”

By early 2020, SMC plans to fully implement Workfront across campus.

For questions, please contact Shirin Khodabandehloo, director of marketing projects.

Stephanie House