Pumpkin Pageant Pomp: Staff Come Together For a Spooky Start to Halloween

For many workplaces, Halloween is a one-day celebration, marked by a somber bowl of candy. Not at Chapman University. Instead, this spooky holiday is much-anticipated, with staff planning elaborate costumes and incredibly-carved pumpkins (complete with backdrops) for weeks in advance of Chapman’s annual Pumpkin Pageant.

This year, staff did not disappoint. Once again the competition proved to be spookier—and kookier—than ever.

Be sure to congratulate the staff and teams below and scope out next year’s competition.

inflated costumes
Halloween is no stranger to the staff at Rinker campus, who have been known to possess an inflated festive spirit.

Orange Campus 10th Annual Pumpkin Pageant

More costumes
Ryan “Rey” Tolentino, Pam “The Grinch” Drake and Rex

Individual Costume Contest:

  • First Place: Ryan Boudreau for a creative take on “Anything Imaginable”
  • Second Place: Lindsey Shen as a Prada-loving Anna Wintour
  • Third Place: Pam Drake as “The Grinch”

Group Costume Contest:

  • First Place: Strategic Engagement and Development as characters from “Toy Story”
  • Second Place: Dodge College of Film and Media Arts for “Dodge College Circus”
  • Third Place: Undergraduate Financial Aid as Jellyfish

Pumpkin Contest:

  • First Place: Crean College for “IT and Georgies”
  • Second Place: Undergraduate Financial Aid for “Under the Sea”
  • Third Place: Strategic Marketing and Communications for “Area 51”
IT pumpkin
Crean College, the team behind the winning “IT” pumpkin, knows to stay away from storm drains.
Some Jellyfish take time to enjoy the spooky spirit.
Area 51
Inspired by true events, SMC’s “Area 51” pumpkin display encouraged onlookers to don foil caps and “protect their brains.”
Secret Service agents Joey Hoang and Steph Brewer prepare for an alien invasion.

Rinker Campus 3rd Annual Pumpkin Pageant

Individual Costume Contest:

  • First Place: Laura Cook as Rosie the Riveter
  • Second Place: Rocke DeMark as Walrus
  • Third Place: Sandra Robbie as Alien

Group Costume Contest:

  • First Place: The Inflatable Team, Nicole Michel, TJ Pe, Erica Wondra, Ivan Portillo and Laura Gorospe
  • Second Place: Eight Ball & Walrus, Bonnie Hui-Callahan and Rocke DeMark

Pumpkin Contest:

  • First Place: PharmD Student Affairs for “Family of Rabbits”
  • Second Place: CUSP Administration for “How Does Your GOURDon Grow?”
  • Third Place: Experiential Education for “Split Personalities Pumpkin”
Rinker campus dressed up
Reproductive rabbit pumpkins (taking first place) and Rosie the Riveter (also taking first place) were a few of the characters that made an appearance at Rinker’s Pumpkin Pageant.
Inspired by Dean Jordan, these winning pumpkins were brought to life by Sharon Krueger, Holly Wilson, Yeji Mowrer and Rebecca Tangen.
Maryam Zeineddine and Bonnie Hui-Callahan posed with “Split,” a pumpkin inspired by a wide array of personalities and people 

Check back for an exclusive photo album, courtesy of Human Resources.

Display Image at Top: University Advancement came as characters from the movie, “Toy Story”

Stephanie House