Faculty stand to accept Opportunity Grants.

Chapman Celebrates Excellence at Faculty Honors Convocation

Chapman’s elite Wang-Fradkin Professorships were awarded to professors from the Schmid College of Science and Technology and the Dodge College of Film and Media Arts at the 24th Annual Chapman University Faculty Honors Convocation held in the Bush Conference Center.

Erik Linstead, sssociate professor of software engineering, accepts the Wang-Fradkin Professorship award.

The Wang-Fradkin Professorship is the highest recognition for scholarly and creative work that Chapman can bestow on a faculty member. The 2019-2021 recipients are:

  • Erik Linstead, Ph.D., associate professor of software engineering
  • Sally Rubin, assistant professor of film

The professorships are two-year awards to further teaching and scholarship. They were founded in memory of Hua-Cheng Wang, professor of political science, diplomat and expert on international law; and Cheng-Mei Fradkin, distinguished teacher, scholar and administrator.

Faculty Opportunity Grant were awarded to:
Albert Bach, Ph.D.; Ian Barnard, Ph.D.; Sherif Elshahawi, Ph.D.; Christine Fugate, Gregory Goldsmith, Ph.D.; Carter Berry, Ph.D.; Scott Allen; Jonathan Hersh, Ph.D.; Andrea Mantranga; Niklas Ignasiak, Ph.D.; Vincent Berardi, Ph.D.; Cyril Rakoski, Ph.D.; Vera Ivanova, Ph.D.; Anna Leahy, Ph.D., Allegra L. Liberman-Martin, Ph.D.; Rafael Luévano, Ph.D.; Wilson Mendieta; John Miklavcic; Amy Moors, Ph.D.; Cedric Owens, Ph.D.; Simin Rahighi, Ph.D.; Keykavous Parang, Ph.D.; Innokentiy Maslennikov, Ph.D.; Michelle Samura, Ph.D.; Gail Stearns, Ph.D. and Justin Walsh.

Sally Rubin, assistant professor of film, accepts the Wang-Fradkin Professorship award.

Promotions were announced for:
Charu Sinha, Ph.D., clinical associate professor of management science; Naveen Jonathan, Ph.D., clinical associate professor of marriage and family therapy; Laura Tsu Chen, Pharm.D., associate professor of pharmacy practice; Brian Glaser, Ph.D., instructional associate professor of English; Veronique Olivier, Ph.D., instructional associate professor of French.

Promotion to rank of full professor was announced for: 
Jared Rubin, Ph.D., professor of economics; Grace Fong, D.Mus., professor of music; Jeff Swimmer, artistic professor of documentary filmmaking; Jennifer Funk, Ph.D., professor of biological sciences; Jason Keller, Ph.D., professor of biological sciences; Gregory Daddis, Ph.D., professor of history; Tom Zoellner, professor of English.

Tenure was announced for:
Matthew Selove, Ph.D., associate professor of marketing; Miguel Zavala, Ph.D., associate professor of education and Khaled Elsaid, Ph.D., associate professor of biomedical and pharmaceutical sciences.

Dr. Quaylan Allen is awarded tenure and promoted to associate professor of Leadership Studies.

Tenure and promotion to rank of associate professor was announced for: 
Quaylan Allen, Ph.D., associate professor of education; Whitney McIntrye Miller, Ph.D., associate professor of leadership studies; Jocelyn Buckner, Ph.D., associate professor of theatre; Kelli Fuery, Ph.D., associate professor of film studies; Justin Dressel, Ph.D., associate professor of physics; Shira Klein, Ph.D., associate professor of history; Crystal Murphy, Ph.D., associate professor of political science; Erik Linstead, Ph.D., associate professor of software engineering; Riva Tukachinsky, Ph.D., associate professor of communication and Rosalee Hellberg, Ph.D., associate professor of food science.

Sabaticals were awarded to:
Kaan Ataman, Ph.D.; Michael Hass, Ph.D.; Gary Michael; Margie Curwen, Ph.D.; Keith Howard, Ph.D.; Michelle Samura, Ph.D.; Michelle Cleary, Ph.D.; David Pincus, Ph.D.; Alicia Guy; Robert Becker; Donald Guy; Barry Blaustein; Bill Dill; Bill Kroyer; Nam Lee, Ph.D.; Michael Bazyler, J.D.; James Blaylock; Anna Leahy, Ph.D.; Tom Zoellner; Susan Paterno; Robert Slayton, Ph.D.; Nubar Hovespian, Ph.D.; Rafael Luévano, Ph.D.; Lynn Horton, Ph.D. and Federico Pacchioni, Ph.D.

The Barbara Mulch Excellence in Academic Service Award is presented to a Chapman staff member in recognition of outstanding service to Chapman faculty. The award honors Dean Emerita Barbara Gooden Mulch, Ph.D., in grateful recognition of her dedicated service to faculty and her significant contributions to the university. The 2019 recipient is: Bonnie Walker, administrative assistant, Department of Theatre.

On-campus Conference Awards: On-Campus academic conferences for 2019-2020 have been generously funded by grants to the following faculty.

  • Matthew Leifer, Ph.D., Schmid College, “Quantum Physics and Logic (QPL) 2019”
  • Daniel Alpay, Ph.D., and Mihaela Vajiac, Ph.D., Schmid College, “New Directions in Function Theory: From Complex to Hypercomplex to Non-Commutative”
  • Amy-Jane Griffiths, Ph.D. and Angel Miles Nash, Ph.D., Attallah College, “Station 2050: A Conference to Imagine and Create Resilient Futures”
Faculty cheer on their fellow honorees.

The Co-teaching Competition Award recognizes winners of successful proposals for co-taught classes of an innovative and interdisciplinary nature. Two classes are selected annually to be taught during the upcoming academic year. Recipients:

  • Matthew Leifer, Ph.D., and Kelvin McQueen, Ph.D., “Philosophy and Foundations of Quantum Mechanics”

The Award in Mentorship of Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity recognizes exceptional work by faculty guiding student research and creative activity that enriches undergraduate students’ lives beyond the classroom. Recipients:

  • David Frederick, Ph.D., associate professor of psychology
  • Georgiana Bostean, Ph.D., assistant professor of environmental science, health, and policy
  • William (Bill) Wright, Ph.D., associate professor of biology
  • Kelli Fuery, Ph.D., associate professor of film studies

The Pedagogical Innovation Award recognizes faculty members for innovative work that advances Chapman’s aim to provide students with a personalized education of distinction that leads to inquiring, ethical and productive lives as global citizens. Recipients:

  • Tara Barnhart, Ph.D., assistant professor of teacher education
  • Elaine Schwartz, Ph.D., instructional associate professor of chemistry
  • Caroline Wilson, Ph.D., instructional associate professor of health sciences
  • Anurada Prakash, Ph.D., professor of food science
  • Seungcheol (Austin) Lee, Ph.D., associate professor of communication
  • Jamie Larkin, Ph.D., assistant professor of creative and cultural industries
  • Allan MacVicar, Ph.D., instructional assistant professor of languages.
Fred Smoller, associate professor of political science, receives an achievement award for unit faculty excellence.

The Unit Faculty Excellence Awards recognize excellence in either teaching, creative/scholarly activity, service, or some combination of these areas. Recipients: Amy-Jane Griffiths, Ph.D.; Kaan Ataman, Ph.D.; Mark DeSantis, Ph.D.; Nicole Marquez, D.P.T.; Jessica Walker, Ph.D.; Vera Ivanova, Ph.D.; Surya Nauli, Ph.D.; James Dutcher; Dan Pavelin; Anthony (Tom) Caso, J.D.; Mario Mainero, J.D.; Gergory Goldsmith, Ph.D.; Elizabeth Stevens, Ph.D.; Riva Tukachinsky, Ph.D.; Brian Glaser, Ph.D.; Marilyn Harran, Ph.D.; Anna Leahy, Ph.D. and Fred Smoller, Ph.D.

The Valerie Scudder Award recognizes outstanding achievement in teaching, scholarship, advising and/or service.

  • For outstanding service to the university, the Valerie Scudder Award goes to Marilyn Harran, Ph.D., professor of religious studies.
  • For outstanding creative or scholarly work, the award goes to Amy-Jane Griffiths, Ph.D., assistant professor of clinical counseling.
  • For outstanding teaching, the award goes to Jessica Walker, Ph.D., instructional assistant professor of psychology.
Marilyn Harran, Ph.D., professor of Religious Studies, accepts the Valerie Scudder Award for outstanding service to the University.

Several other faculty received service anniversary awards at the Honors Convocation, including:

35 Years
Myron Yeager

30 Years
Michael Fahy
Bernard McGrane
Wendy Salmond
Veston Rowe
Donald Cardinal

25 Years
John Maier
Carolym Brodbeck
Charles Hughes
Dawn Hunter
Michael Moshier
Prashanth Nyer
Kenneth Sumida

20 Years
Gordon Babst
Anaida Colon Muniz
John Eastman
Kurt Eggert
Lisa Litwiller
Walter Piper
Juerg Walther
George Willis

Emeriti recipients:
Jeff Cogan, professor emeritus of music; Atanas Radenski, professor emeritus of computer science; Suzanne SooHoo, professor emeritus of education.

The celebration continues as faculty mingle on the balcony of Beckman Hall.

Stephanie House