New Ticketing System Ushers in Functionality

Chapman University has created a brand-new Ticketing Services Department, which will soon serve as a central service bureau for the entire university. With the university’s selection of a sophisticated ticketing system, AudienceView, there was an increased need for greater infrastructure to support ticketing across the entire campus. Now, with the Ticketing Services Department, the Chapman community can expect greater overall customer service.

Tessa Jones was recently hired as the new Director of Ticketing Services and brings with her substantial experience having worked with AudienceView for 13 years. Director of Ticketing Services Tessa Jones says, “I’m excited to lead Chapman into this next era of ticketing for the university, and I look forward to working with the many different departments that sell tickets to help them increase their offerings and work more efficiently. With the introduction of AudienceView and the creation of this department, I believe we will be able to provide a higher level of customer service to anyone setting foot on Chapman’s campus for a ticketed event whether they are a student, faculty, staff member, alumni, parent or a complete newcomer who’s never set foot on our campus before.”

Why AudienceView?

After much consideration, it was decided that AudienceView’s advanced ticketing functionality best supported the university. Its incredibly robust systems allows for more effective packaging, dynamic pricing, the ability to automatically apply discounts based on a ticket buyer’s Chapman affiliation and advanced reporting.

AudienceView is also fully PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliant, which means that all transactions are tokenized to ensure safe processing for patrons. This tokenization allows credit cards to process securely without any credit card data ever entering Chapman’s internal systems. These more modernized security features are a key improvement from the university’s previous ticketing system.

What does this mean for upcoming events?

For events taking place before May 31, nothing will change. Existing events in university ticketing will stay in the old system through the summer. If a department has an event in the fall that will go on sale after August 1, they can expect to work with the Ticketing Services Departments. If an event needs to be on sale prior to August 1, the old university ticketing system would be used and the event will eventually be migrated into the new system.

Soon, Musco will launch AudienceView with their season ticket sales. On August 1, all other ticketed events will officially be sold through AudienceView.

The Ticketing Services Department will hold trainings throughout the summer to prepare for the full university launch in August.

How does this effect individuals and departments?

Starting in June, plan on connecting with the Ticketing Services Department for all ticketing needs, instead of Event Services. Expect more information on how to submit an event build request in the coming months for events that will need to be built in the new ticketing system. Additionally, new ticketing policies will be updated and shared university-wide in the coming months.

As you plan your ticketed events for the summer and beyond, you are welcome to reach out to Tessa and her team to discuss your needs and how her team can best support you.


Stephanie House