Going Above and Beyond Chapman shines a spotlight on exemplary staff at annual awards ceremony

“There’s just something special about this place. It feels like home.” It’s a sentiment we hear time and again from Chapman University students and alumni, but it’s also a common refrain from the staff members dedicating their careers to creating an exceptional Chapman Experience. That must be why so many of them stick around for so long, making Chapman University not just a place to work, but also a place to belong and find community.

On Thursday, June 7, staff members gathered in the Chapman Auditorium in Memorial Hall for the Staff Appreciation Awards Ceremony. The ceremony was a highlight of the University’s Staff Summit Week, an annual tradition featuring workshops, wellness activities, and a mid-week brunch to honor and celebrate Chapman employees.

Each year, Service Awards are presented to staff who have reached milestone employment anniversaries at Chapman University. This year, 112 staff members received Service Awards, representing more than 1,200 years of service to the University.

The President’s Award, the University’s highest staff honor, was presented to Sherri Akau, associate director of Residence Life and First Year Experience. Sherri was described as “a model of work ethic in her department” and someone who is “well-loved throughout campus.” Her nominators noted that Sherri is “instrumental in nearly every facet of her department’s operations.”

Sheryl Bourgeois, executive vice president of University Advancement, presented Staff Member of the Year Awards to Hallie Nicholson, assistant director of communications, for Strategic Marketing and Communications, and Laura Miller, business analyst, for the Development, Operations, and Career and Professional Development division.

The Four Pillars award, presented by Harold Hewitt, Jr., executive vice president and chief operating officer, went to Marissa Torres, payroll specialist in the Financial Services division. Marissa’s nominators lauded her for “always taking the time to explain how to get things done,” rather than directing inquiries to a self-service form.

Provost Glenn Pfeiffer presented the Provost’s Award to San White, director of administrative operations at Crean College of Health and Behavioral Sciences. Recipients of the Provost’s Award are nominated by their peers and selected by a committee of colleagues.

Receiving Service Awards were:

Thirty-Five Years  Ten Years  Five Years
 Mike Price  Frank Alvarado  Garrett Addison
 Susan Sams  Joe Barrett  Nancy Alvarez
 Karen Beam  Victor Arteaga
 Thirty Years  Jessica Bean  Jeff Brouwer
 Richard Jackson  Rosa Berber  L. B. Brown
 Farrah Javadi  Eileen Besner  Kati Bye
 Rand Boyd  Jeanne Carriere
 Twenty-Five Years  Patti Briley  Mari Carmen Ceballos
 Sheryl Boyd  Craig Brumbaugh  Elise Cimino
 Armando Diaz  Anna Buckles  Casey Decker
 Debra Gonda  Tracey Cervantes  Catherine Dee
 Dani Smith  Doug Dechow  Greg Desario
 Chris Di Tommaso  Loren Diaz
 Twenty Years  Nino Esteban  Beth Dimitroff
 Debra Basco  Dindo Farol  Andi Doddridge
 Sheryl Bourgeois  Laura Gorospe  Rebecca Green
 Revy Buchanan  Tina Graves  Gama Hernandez
 Janine DuMontelle  Clara Harnett  Brady Hogan
 Cathy Elliott  Harold Hewitt, Jr.  Ron Jordan
 Marcela Mejia  James Kelly  Paul E. Kang
 Carl Minor  Jeffrey Kirchner  Joe Koluder
 Robert Pankey  Sharon Krueger  Natalie Koziar
 Joe Slowensky  Sal Lopez  Kristin Laughtin-Dunker
 Craig Williams  Kareem Marashi  Scott Laverty
 Eric McCulloch  Norman Lee
 Fifteen Years  Jerry Price  Robert Lemus
 Dave Edwards  Jeanie Randazzo  Melissa Leyva
 Sandra Henderson-Taylor  Chris Roach  Lionel Luna
 Guy Hinrichs  Luis Romero  Kelly McCuen
 Chris Hutchison  Kyndra Rotunda  Patty Michelsen
 Carol Jue  Carol Roughton  Kirk Miller
 Sandra Jurca  Rachael Samimi  Ken Murai
 Jan McCuen  Maria Sanchez Navarro  Justin O’Neill
 Cisa Payuyo  James Starks  Key Parang
 Sonny Phan  Taryn Stroop  Samuel Prince
 Mandy Thomas  Andrea Washington Floyd  Megan Sawyer
 Cynthia Wheeler  Peter Westenhofer  Tu Trang
 Josephine Wright  Denise Vejar
 Greg Walswick
 Siu Fun Wong
 Nathan Worden
 Leslie Yoshimizu
 Amanda Zamora
 Vicente Zuniga

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