Faculty Notes, March 14, 2017

We welcome all faculty news and notes. Please submit them online using the Faculty Notes Submission Form.

We welcome all faculty news and notes. Please submit them online using the Faculty Notes Submission Form.

Mark Axelrod, Ph.D, professor and director of the John Fowles Center for Creative Writing, will soon release Collected Plays 1977-2016, by Black Scat Press.  Also, his eagerly awaited sequel to Borges Travel, Hemingway’s Garage, Balzac’s Coffee, Davinci’s Ristorante will be published by Verbivoracious Press in the late spring or early summer.

Jennifer Bevan, Ph.D., professor and director, Health and Strategic Communication Program, School of Communication, and Lisa Sparks, Ph.D., professor and dean, School of Communication, accepted awards as co-authors with recent graduate program alumna Ari Berman for the Top Paper in the Health Communication Interest Group at the Western States Communication Association conference. Berman, the lead author of the paper examining barriers to college students seeking mental health services, could not attend the February conference in Salt Lake City. Bevan presented the paper in her absence.

Adwoa Donyina, Ph.D., instructional assistant professor, mathematics and computer science, Schmid College of Science and Technology, presented a talk remotely as an invited speaker for the International Conference on Communication, Computing and Digital Systems held March 8-9 in Islamabad, Pakistan. Donyina’s talk was titled “Stochastic Modelling & Analysis of Dynamic Human-Resource Allocation.” Stochastic models seek to predict outcomes involving random variables.

Jeremy Hsu, Ph.D., instructional assistant professor, biological sciences, Schmid College, is the lead author of an article in the Journal of Mammalogy on the effects of volcanic activity in Chile on the tuco-tuco, a South American rodent. The article is titled “Rapid increase in genetic diversity in an endemic Patagonian tuco-tuco following a recent volcanic eruption.” Hsu also recently made a presentation on teaching methods at the regional conference of the Society for the Advancement of Biology Education Research in January, titled “Increasing undergraduate research participation and promoting postgraduate teaching experiences: exploring the impact of single-session, research-focused classes.”

Wenshan Jia, Ph.D., professor, communication studies, School of Communication, has analyzed the prospects for U.S.-China relations under President Donald Trump for various online publications. Those include John Brown’s Public Diplomacy Press and Blog Review, compiled by a former diplomat who lectures at Georgetown University, and, published by China Radio International. Jia’s work on U.S.-China relations, populism and the new globalization also was featured in translation by a Danish publication.

Jerry LaRue, Ph.D., assistant professor, chemistry, Schmid College, co-authored a review paper in the journal Chemical Physics Letters titled “Catalysis in Real Time using X-ray Lasers.” The paper detailed experiments the international group of collaborators performed using the Linac Coherent Light Source (LCLS), a free-electron laser, at the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory operated by Stanford University in Menlo Park.

Menas Kafatos, Ph.D., professor, computational physics, and director of the Center of Excellence in Earth Systems Modeling and Observations, Schmid College, has a new book, You Are the Universe with co-author Deepak Chopra, that reached fifth on the New  York Times science bestseller list in March.

L. Andrew Lyon, Ph.D., professor and dean, Schmid College, co-authored an article in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America titled “Dynamic Assembly of Ultrasoft Colloidal Networks Enables Cell Invasion Within Restrictive Fibrillar Polymers.”

Peter McLaren, Ph.D., professor, CES and co-director of the Paulo Freire Democratic Project has been chosen to receive the AERA Lifetime Achievement Award. This award is in recognition of scholarship and service within the field of Curriculum Studies. This award will be presented at the 2017 AERA Division B Business Meeting in San Antonio, Texas.

Walter Piper, Ph.D., professor, School of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Schmid College, is the lead author of an article in the Journal of Avian Biology titled, “The long shadow of senescence: Age impacts survival and territory defense in loons.” Piper, director of the The Loon Project, has studied the territorial and breeding behavior of the birds for more than two decades.

Anuradha Prakash, Ph.D., professor and director of Food Science Program, Schmid College, co-authored a study with graduate students Akanksha Jain and Karina Rodriguez (Friscia) and others titled, “Effect of Phytosanitary Irradiation on the Quality of Two Varieties of Pummelos (Citrus maxima (Burm.) Merr.).”

Melissa Rowland-Goldsmith, Ph.D., associate professor, biological sciences/biochemistry and molecular biology, Schmid College, will co-lead a workshop with a University of New Mexico professor at the ACE-Bio Network Research Coordination Network Meeting in May in Highlands, N.C. The workshop, “Successfully co-teaching a complex scientific topic through diverse instruction and social context,” draws on Rowland-Goldsmith’s work teaching cancer biology and molecular genetics with Chapman colleague Marco Bisoffi, Ph.D., associate professor, biological sciences. Bisoffi, who holds joint appointments at Schmid College, Crean College of Health and Behavioral Science and the School of Pharmacy, helped develop the workshop but is unable to attend.

Jennifer Waldeck, Ph.D., associate professor, communication studies, School of Communication, has a chapter on the topic of feedback within the organization in the February, 2017, issue of the International Encyclopedia of Organizational Communication. The four-volume reference work presents the most complete and up-to-date international scholarship on contemporary organizational communication. This is the latest addition to The Wiley Blackwell-ICA International Encyclopedias of Communication series, a series published in conjunction with the International Communication Association (ICA).

Lilian Were, Ph.D., associate professor, food science, Schmid College, co-authored an article in the journal Meat Science titled “Lipid and protein antioxidant capacity of dried Agaricus bisporus in salted cooked ground beef.” The researchers examined the effects of dried mushroom powder on oxidation.





















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