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Chapman University named one of best colleges in U.S. by Princeton Review

Student Survey Says: Chapman University ranks among the best.

Chapman University is ranked one of The Princeton Review’s Best 380 Colleges – 2016 Edition, alongside other universities such as USC, UCLA, Duke University and University of Chicago.

The list is based on student surveys and includes high rankings for Chapman in specific categories, such as Lots of Greek Life.

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Surveyed students praise Chapman’s emphasis on personal growth, global community, great technology and plentiful research and internship opportunities.

Students also noted that Chapman professors are dedicated to their work and build meaningful relationships with students.

The listings are based on surveys of 136,000 students — an average of 358 per school. The survey asks students 80 questions about their school’s academics, administration, student body and themselves.

In 2015, Chapman University received notable rankings from other outlets as well:

  • The George L. Argyros School of Business and Economics MBA program has been ranked by U.S. News & World Report as a “Best Graduate Business School” at No. 83 nationally and No. 8 in California
  • The Fowler School of Law jumped up 13 spots on the U.S. News & World ReportTop Schools” list to be ranked No. 127 nationally in 2015
  • The Dodge College of Film and Media Arts has been ranked as one of “The Top 25 American Film Schools” on The Hollywood Reporter, maintaining the No. 7 spot for three years running

Photo at top: Students walk across Chapman University’s Attallah Piazza in front of Beckman Hall.

Brittany Hanson

Brittany Hanson


  • Go Panthers! Taken right from the front page of the Chapman website, “Our faculty graduated from the same prestigious schools as their colleagues at other world-class universities. They do the same caliber of research. They speak at the same international conferences. They get interviewed on national television, write textbooks, and garner national awards. The only difference from their colleagues is that our faculty know their students by name.”

  • I went to Chapman and was enrolled in the film school. I developed a feature film and we had 30 students on board, half were current and half were alumni. The school wanted to charge us 4k a day to shoot on our own campus! Their own students!

    Azusa Pacific, UC Irvine supported us more than our own school. We ended up selling the film to lionsgate, but all Chapman did was made it harder. They didn’t do anything unprofessional, but it was easier for them to say no, than it was to say yes.

    Here’s a tip for the future film students. Go stand outside the film school and make friends. This will give you the core of the experience and save you 100k from a rather hollow operation.

    • Thanks for sharing your honest experience Dodge. I recently applied there for the spring term, along with a few other schools, so your comment will help make my decision. I’ve heard good things about Dodge, but nothing spectacular.

      Do you mind sharing a bit more about the actually learning experience there?Also, would you say that Dodge does not provide anywhere near the same connections and resources as other tops schools such as USC or Tisch?

      • I ended up dropping out in 2010, so I’m not sure how the school has changed since then. I will say, the most valuable variable to film school is it congregates people together who are passionate about the same thing.

        From a learning perspective, I had a few teachers who made an impact on me, but not in profound way. I’d say you gain most of your knowledge from experience, being on set for different projects. Keep in mind, there’s people on these sets who aren’t part of the school ether.

        I’m not sure about the connections, but I would say their resources are on par with those schools.

        • Thanks for your reply. I do feel that the 5 year gap since you’ve been at school is a big one, especially in the case of Dodge, and there has definitely been significant changes and it wasn’t until these past few years that the school has really come to shine. For instance, the addition of the new Digital Media Arts Center was opened just this year.

          But I do agree that in any school, it all comes down to the experiences you make yourself and the relationships you build inside and outside of the classroom. And though I still have other schools to consider, I am optimistic about Dodge.