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“In a nutshell, no, it isn’t two kids in a basement saying screw the man. It’s a criminal enterprise.”

Ruth Vitale
, executive director of the film industry group Creative Future, on digital piracy, in Professor Harry Ufland’s spring course Movies About Marriage.

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“Here’s this 22-year-old guy who signed up when he was 19 out of high school, and he just spent seven months of his life operating a SAW (squad automatic weapon) in Helmand Province, and now he’s back and he’s filling up his Toyota with gas and he’s trying to figure out where he goes from here. If that’s not the American story of our time, what is?”

T. Jefferson Parker
, on his literary novel
Full Measure
,about a Marine returning from Afghanistan, as a guest on Dialogue With Doti.

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“Every morning this was my mantra: I will find somebody who wants to say yes. It means I have to keep asking, I have to keep knocking. But I will find that person.”

Debbi Fields
, founder of Mrs.Fields Cookies, sharing with students a veritable baker’s dozen challenging moments she encountered on the way to becoming a household name.

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“So much of what we all believe in our faith, whatever it is, we hold in common. And it is so beautiful and so broad and so potentially powerful in addressing the ills of society, or the ills of individual people, that we all, in fellowship of such brotherhood and sisterhood, ought to work together more than we do.”

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland
, member, Quorum of the Twelve Apostles of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints ,helping to mark the 10th anniversary of the Fish Interfaith Center.

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“Of the 12 sets of questions that the International Atomic Energy Agency has been seeking, Tehran has answered just part of one. …What’s hurting us right now is the rhetoric Iran is using. It’s very bellicose, very threatening.”

Rep. Ed Royce
, chairman of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, speaking in April at a meeting of the Chapman Republicans club.

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